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Online Course Overview 


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Dream Jumpstarter Kit 

Do you have a great idea, business concept or just undeniable passion to "do" something amazing? If you've ever lacked clarity and direction and truly feel that starting is the hardest part, then "Envision the Vision" Dream Class is the course for you. Dream Engineer and Author, Kiylise Crutchfield will take you on an incredible 5-part self-guided journey to help you "get started" living your dream. Kiylise knows first-hand the feeling of being "stuck" and her Jumpstarter Dream Course will lead you through guided steps of launching and igniting your passion within. 



Course Features




Join me as I get up close and personal using videos to share my own stories, tips, tricks and resources about truly discovering your vision. This content will help your purge your ideas from your head and into an attainable plan. 

Discovering your true vision is a great first step but practical application is an even bolder step. A real-life launch plan unleashing resources and affirming your passion is waiting for you through these bonus assignments and challenges. 







Digging deep requires you to do some homework. Follow several interactive and engaging activities and worksheets designed to help you critically think about your passion. 




What's the fire inside if you have no one to share it with. I will personally connect you with an accountability tribe that will be there to hear about your idea inception, official launch, tea and triumph. A community of dreamers with loaded vision. 

Jumpstarter Kit

5-Part Dream Course Modules



  1. Envision your Vision: unlock your passion, idea, concept or dream

  2. Evaluate your Position: know your audience & market inside & out

  3. Establish your Passion: craft, curate, and create brand identity

  4. Execute your Power: goal-set and go! start where you are & launch

  5. Engage your Purpose: share your stories, support your tribe & receive the love 


Required Materials

  • Jumpstarter Kit Workbook (provided)
  • Journal  & Pen
  • Passion, Drive & Energy 

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