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Are you serious? You flew over Canada!🚀

Kiylise Crutchfield


Are you serious? Yes I'm serious!!! I flew a single engine aircraft.

Let me explain. So 2 summers ago, some of my high students got to be in an amazing summer program that focused on Careers in Aviation. I was more excited than them because I just really wanted them to have the opportunity. I wish someone would have took time to teach me about every career possibility in the world while I was in high school.

So anyway, our students embarked upon a week long aviation immersion program where they learned all about various careers, aircrafts, policies and procedures. What was most exciting was exiting the classroom and taking our students on phenomenal field trips. Students got a chance to visit the Metro Airport, Military Air Base, US Marshals Operations, Tuskegee Airmen Museum and the City Airport. How freaking cool is that in itself!!! So after going through classroom training that included computer simulation programs, students visited City Airport to partake in FLIGHT DAY!!!

That's right, our high school students earned flight time where they would go up in the air and finally control an aircraft. So ya' girl, had to get in on the fun. As terrified as I was, I wanted to show the students that I wouldn't put them in a situation that I myself couldn't conquer. So I strapped up and got ready for my flight time.

Yall, I was sooooooooooo scared! I was really scared of the single engine aircraft because of its size. I mean this wasn't a Boeing 747 by far. As I got into the pilot's seat and adjusted my headset, my copilot asked if I was ready. I wasn't ready but I knew I had to show 25 highschoolers how it's ok to be afraid and still press play.

Up, up and away! We were up and at first it wasn't bad at all until I had to start turning and veering. The control stick is just super sensitive to touch. One tiny touch and I swear the whole plane was almost on its side. That's what I was scared of. So anyway, I'm flying, trying to go in a straight line to avoid from controlling much. I look ahead and all I see is water. At this point, I'm feeling queasy and anxious. I just began praying (LOL). My copilot was a well experienced pilot who actually owned the aircraft we were in so he was clearly unbothered. He does this as a hobby and I'm just praying that in that moment God grants me some peace up in the air.

After realizing we were flying over Canada, I was ready to turn around and hit the ground- so we did. My flight back to City Airport was peaceful, quiet and serene. Although I knew I was cutting my flight time short, I did have a moment to enjoy the peace of being up in the air. All I could think of was all the energy I gave to being scared. I worked myself up and I truly felt that God just gave me some calming time to take in what I was seeing. A beauty thats unexplainable.

I did it and that's what counts (I had to take that fiercely unbothered pic to prove it). After landing of course I was able to say if my scary butt got up there, then anybody could do it. The students continued to fall into place and take flight. Taking flight has been an incredible experience that has shaped much of me moving forward in my DREAM. I took flight with 8StorySocial and haven't landed yet.

Everything I wanted was right on the other side of fear. Flying over a Canadian body of water allowed me to experience that.

Dreamers, I challenge you to take flight today. Try something you wouldn't normally try. Conquer it, Do it and use that leap towards your flight to the moon as you reach for the stars. You got this! Trust me, if I did it, YOU most certainly can also. Everything you want is right on the other side of fear (i promise).

Until next time

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Dream Engineer


1.) What's 1 thing that you are absolutely afraid to do but has always had some type of interest in?

2.) What types of things or experiences have you kicked butt in?

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