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B. Johnson, Star Catcher

Star Catchers



1. a person who jumps off of the moon and catches a handful of stars

2. a dynamic human being following, chasing and living the life of their dreams

Meet Brittaney Johnson

I had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with Ms. Brittaney (@BEENAKOLE) and learn all about her star catching. Check our convo below:

Me: Hey B!!!!!! Tell me a little about how you're currently living the life of your dreams..

Brittaney: Hey Kiy!, Well, I'm not living the life of my dreams yet, I'm building it. I'm the ambitious girl, good girl, special girl who is following her dreams and won't be deterred by my surroundings or current state. I fall short sometimes and that's why I work daily and invest in my education.

I work for families who often can't advocate for services for their child who has Autism. I'm currently a ABA therapist and graduate student. Why? Because it's a passion of mine and let's be honest, although cliche, if you don't work you don't eat. By eat, I mean you don't grow, learn or prosper in your purpose. The further I go into my career and education, the closer I am to living that dream, my dream.

Me: That's awesome that you value and use education and passion as your driving force! I'm super proud of you!!! So we're all dying to know what was one of the greatest life lessons you've learned this past year?

Brittaney: The greatest life lesson I learned this year was to stop looking at where I am in reference to time. I really have to adjust my sights on what it is that I am doing and not how old I am and why I'm "behind" in comparison to others. I can't run anyone else's race, but my own race.

Me: I've so been there!!! I think all women tend to have the ticking time bomb state of mind going on. In the essence of our mental clocks, as star catchers, dream chasers and lovers of life, our minds wander often. Where does you mind often wander?

Brittaney: My mind constantly wanders to me being the OwnHer (get it, I'm and her, the owner) of two business. One pertaining to Autism and the other in fashion. I wander to the future where all the struggle, blood, sweat and tears are things of the past that I look back on and embrace because those things have gotten me to the point of fulfilling my God given purpose, an OwnHer, wife and mother, if God sees fit of course.

Me: Yesss!! GirlBoss 101! Own your Own. Wandering is daydreaming with your eyes wide open. We need our daydreams! So Ms. Brittaney, what can we expect to see from you within the next year?

Brittaney: One thing you can expect to see from me within the next year is a Masters degree. I'm exploring a possible Ph.D. Program, but that's another journey in itself to contemplate. I add new dreams to my goal repertoire daily. I hope to solidify my projected businesses and keep my "table" full of production and growth.

Me: Adding new dreams is extremely important!!! I'm super excited to see your investment in school pay off as you catch many more starts. Connecting your purpose, passion and power is the ultimate win. We're rooting for you!!! Thanks so much for sharing all of that wonderfulness. Please remember to stop by and keep us updated with your progress.

Brittaney: Absolutely! Thanks for the opportunity.

Until next time

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


Catch up with Brittaney by dropping any questions about her journey

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