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Your Passion Project...Coming Soon❤️


/paSHən/ noun. 1. "a strong and barely controllable emotion"

My first google search landed me on this definition. Barely controllable is what grabbed my attention. I'm a Virgo, I'm a thinker, a dreamer, a doer. I barely and rarely have control over my creativity. I'm passionate. I breathe passion and it took me a very long time to understand that about myself. I always thought I was crazy because I harbored millions of ideas in my mind. I could literally sit here and write and think of a crazy passion project on the spot. What lead me to ultimate glory was my ability to act on my passions. Everything hasn't been a success but my faith in trying has been the greatest win thus far. So here are 4 reasons why you need to focus and execute your passion project.

1. Passion. We're all passionate about something. It may not be your 9-5 or your social life at the moment but there is absolutely something deep down that sets your heart on fire. Your passion brews at the very moment you don't have your mind set to it. For instance I am absolutely passionate about helping young people succeed, hence when I'm at home and it's 10pm and I'm thinking of what great activity will enrich their lives. It's my passion. I could sit here and say I'm passionate about cleaning our environment. While I highly stand for that cause (ppl who know me, know me) I can honestly say I probably don't lose sleep over it. Its that barely controllable emotion that drives what your passion is. What's your passion? What are you losing sleep over?

2. Character Building. We are consistently striving to be better people. We want to look better, feel better and do better. It's just who we are. We work hard, play harder and fulfill that epic need to do amazing things. You absolutely need to work on your passion project to build even more character. My greatest lesson from beginning my entrepreneurial journey has definitely been "you don't know everything about you". I didn't know that I didn't know everything about me. My journey has challenged me to explore various aspects about myself. It has challenged me to do some things absolutely alone but it has built so much of my character. Even at that age when you think you have a pretty solid idea of who you are...Womp, womp, you don't. Passion projects are like mini quizzes that help you prepare for the test of life. When I implemented my networking initiative, I was completely unprepared for the time, dedication and sacrifice I thought I wanted. The victory was absolutely just doing it but the character building piece helped me realize you can do anything but you can't do everything. You need this passion project to enhance your life and build character.

3. Relationship Building. There are a lot of lonely times and things in this world but your passion is never one of them. Passion attracts passion. I can't express how many times I've supported local businesses just because of their hunger and desire to thrive. I'm so encapsulated by that fire I see burning. You need to complete your passion project to help build new relationships in your life. Even if your passion is fitness and you have this dope idea to begin a new fitness group, just think of all the relationships you will build in the midst of that. You need new relationships. There will always be room for networking and collaborations. I have met so many amazing people online and in person within the past two years. We learn from each other and share resources. These are individuals who make my journey better. Less lonely. You need to form new relationships with people. I think about some of the vendors I've used over the past 5 years and how now its just second nature to call on them for their expertise. You need to expand those networks and grow. Everybody needs somebody or somebodies. The phrase #nonewfriends is dead and lame. You don't need new best friends but don't be so closed minded to not allow new relationships that will enhance your life, form. Allow your passion to drive them to you.

4. Empowerment. I know I talk about empowerment all the time but its truly because I've never worn my crown so high until I began acting on my passions. That strong, barely controllable emotion is so real and it feels phenomenal. I have accomplished so much in my life and each time I check something off my list and God blesses me with another opportunity, I feel golden. Allow your passion project to empower you. You're already great but just think about physically checking those things off the list. If you're interested in helping children, elderly people, cleaning communities, diving into poetry, writing a blog, doing fashion, hosting events, whatever it may be, take that barely controllable urge and make it real. You don't need much to start anything. Begin with what you have and the rest will follow. Take this blog as an example. It all began in my journal. I challenge you. I challenge you to do something epic and amazing. Let go of fear and defeat and give yourself a chance. It's the greatest risk you'll never regret. I promise. You deserve to shine. Stay tuned for how to get started.

This strong and barely controllable emotion is real. Let's begin jotting those ideas and thinking of ways to go for it. If you need any advice, I'm a phone call, email, DM, or text message away. Be Passionate.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


1.)What's 1 thing you're passionate about?

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