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Introducing Tea & Triumph😏

I’m Kiylise and I’m a storyteller. I want to formally introduce you to my latest series “Tea & Triumph”. Tea and Triumph spends time with real women, spilling real tea and discussing real wins. We can all learn a lesson or two from the misfortunes of others and we certainly can all be inspired by the glorious triumph on the other side. I’m super excited to introduce some phenomenal peeps to you but before I do so I thought it would only be right for me to tell a story of spills and thrills (just a snippet tho). Stay tuned for monthly stories.

A huge triumph in my life is definitely my business (8StorySocial) and my blog. It’s my brain child and it has strengthened me in unimaginable ways. It has allowed me to be super transparent but also provided me with a platform to empower. I can admit that I am winning, growing and still learning as an entrepreneur.

Ok let me spill this tea real quick. So anyone who knows me or has known me for awhile knows that I’m a serial creator(business, projects, events, art, etc). I thrive off of creating things. BecauseDreamsWin isn’t my first blog. It isn’t my second or third but instead is my 4th attempt at blogging. I know you’re like WHAT!!!! I’m a natural writer so I’ve always figured that blogging would be my thing but baby when I tell you fear and consistency are serious roadblocks, they are. I’ve had a blog called colorfuldiaglogue, then there was that one time when I wanted to brand Kiytivity so bad and I created a blog for that. Then there was EconofHue with my homie Des and I also served as ablog contributor for men’s fashion and accessories through I’ve given this thing a go around but it wasn’t until I carved a path for my niche that it stuck. I was inconsistent as hell, to say the least. I knew I wanted to publically write so I kept doing so, I just couldn’t quite find my angle. Well let’s get back to my triumph because boom 5 years later and I’m approaching my 1st Blogeversary/Blog Bday. You all will be invited to the party!!! BecauseDreamsWin is it. It’s my gold cup and I’m still riding this wave. The moral of this tea is PERSISTENCE. Never depart from your 1st love because if it's truly your passion, the road will be paved. I promise.

Extra Extra (Current Favs): My current fav tv show is Shameless (I’m watching all 6 seasons on Netflix), current fav book: I’m currently reading Taraji’s “Around the Way Girl: A Memoir” but I fell in love with “In the Country We Love by Diane Guerrero, my current fav drink would be Ginger Beer (it's nonalcoholic but so bomb) and my current fav beauty product is indeed my plastic brush cleaner pad i got from TJ Maxx (not the one from Sephora, the cheaper version).

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


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