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Girl, don't be lazy👌🏾

3 Ways to Shake  "What the F" in your Life

Hey Dreamers,

Here's a transparency moment. I have been working on one particular project that should have absolutely BEEN completed! Yes! I have literally dropped the ball. I make very small and sluggish strides towards its completion but I am literally at 98% just looking dumb because I can't quite get to the 100. I'm literally at the finish line taking a seat. But how Sway? Why Sway? Yeah, I'm constantly asking myself!!!! I know I live an extremely busy life jam-packed with to-do lists but somehow this "most important" project always becomes last. Well here are 3 LIGHT BULB moments that have helped me realize, it's me, WTF!

1. Acknowledgement- Anyone who knows me knows that I am far from lazy. I work hard. My Virgo self strives for perfection and I am always doing. It's what I enjoy. I'm a serial creator. When the light bulb came on I realized that I needed to own my ish! I was literally beating myself up about this project, wondering why I couldn't get over the hump. Duh!!! There is no hump. I am just being absolutely lazy. As much as I hate that term and as much as I know how it doesn't apply to who I am, it definitely applies to this situation. LAZINESS! The first step in moving forward is simply acknowledging the bullshit and calling it for what it is. I am simply being lazy. I make time for so many other things but somehow I've allowed the feeling of overwhelm and fear to keep me in this state-stagnate. Acknowledge where you are with something. Call yourself out! Like self (Kiy), quit being damn lazy.

2. Planning.  Proper planning prevents poor performance. Plan out what you need to do to get over the hump. I'm literally not trying to jump over it but casually and confidently walk through it. It all begins with a plan. I have strategically carved out the amount of time I need to set aside for what I ultimately want. I can't allow myself to not have time, I have to make damn time!! I can do that. It sounds easy and while it may not be that easy trust me a plan is always worth it. So I've created a timeline, put it out into the universe and planned ahead all the things I need to do. I am taking it one day at a time with just enough time dedicated to completing it. I have set my alarm and I am ready. 

3. Accountability. So in the midst of just being stuck at 98% I can wholeheartedly contest that part of my laziness has been because I haven't had one single person on my head, holding me accountable to completing the project. This is the thing about fear and ideas that you hold on to, someone (at least 1 person) has got to know what the deal is. You need to get it off of you and into the world. Find that perfect non-judging friend who won't question your effort but instead push you forward!!! I needed that push and after literally opening my mouth and asking, I got it! OMG! I should have been done this. Light bulb. But seriously, you need someone to get on your nerves about it because its super easy to get stuck at 98%. Don't be lazy!  I can't wait to write my success blog about this project so stay tuned. If you need that accountable person, don't forget I'm simply an email away (

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming, 

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


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