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5 Relationship Goals for the Dreamer♥️

When building and living your dream life, it is perfectly fine to make sure you include your BAE Goals. Why not? After all, it takes a certain type of partner to romantically work with a DreamBuilder. Here are my 5 #RelationshipGoals for the ultimate Dreamer.

1. Besties First This is something that I am absolutely passionate about--Make sure you become the best of friends before taking the big leap into a relationship. Make sure you actually like the person that you're deciding to be with. Don't forget that the "love" feeling fades in and out like hairstyles but true friendship stands on foundation. If you are indeed a DreamBuilder, having a friendship with your love interest is going to work in your favor. Your bestie is gonna be honest, open and rooting for you to win. It has been far too many times where I've seen relationships filled with envy. Like why are you mad that your girl is winning???? Make sure your bae is your best friend, it's going to work on so many levels.

2. Support. Relationships are definitely two-sided. They're partnerships that require you to give to receive. You can't be working on your bomb ass dream life and just expecting your bae to hold you down and patiently wait in a corner. It's a balancing act and you definitely have to do the same for their dream. Are you reciprocating the support? We've all seen the movies where the woman is so busy helping build her man's dream that she loses herself. Working partnerships turn like wheels on a car. They keep going. Yes time may vary but the goal is to make sure you're both being supportive. I wouldn't have spent late nights and early morning slamming on my keyboard if I didn't have bae's support. I wouldn't have been able to finish writing a book, running a business and working a full-time job without his support. The support is the same for him when it comes to his creative projects that require time and dedication and focus. I have to extend grace and support for this to work in "our" favor. If you're building this dream life, you're going to have to give to receive. Don't worry, it's truly is a great feeling.

3. Separatism. Support is dope. Love is dope. Friendship is dope but please, please, please, have some separatism in your relationship. What I mean by that is having your own projects or own things that are unique to you. I truly believe it's extremely healthy for two individuals to have two lanes. You can do anything but you can't do everything-together. Let bae have their night out with friends or separate volunteerism project while you do your own thing. I love that I'm able to work on my passion projects and still have the support of not only bae but "his" friends as well. He fully understands that I have some things that might not pertain to my business or work but they're things that I'm passionate about. He has the same and I'm perfectly fine with him doing his thing. It doesn't mean I won't be there to support him but it also doesn't mean that I'm gonna feel some type of way that he has something he wants to do. It's actually a really great feeling to see bae winning. Overall, You don't want to feel suffocated in your dream so make sure there is room to breathe and room to steadily explore your passions and purpose.

4. Joint Ventures. You + me = better math. Now I know you're like but you just said ditch bae and get my own world LOL....I did, however the truest of compatible dreambuilders is the gift to want to build together. You are real #relationshipgoals if you and your bae are able to collaborate on things. This does mean that you still need your separate projects but there should be some joint ventures that are birthed from your blending in a relationship. If you're great all by yourself and so is bae, then joining together on a venture makes for something epic. What better way to build than with your supportive, bestie, right? A joint venture doesn't neccesarrily have to be a business either. What has worked for me is pulling on skillsets from one another. If I'm great with writing copy or design and bae is great with sales and inventory then boom...we are definitely joining forces to make life easier for the both of us. I just love the idea of having the person you trust most be apart of your dreambuilding. How beautiful is that?

5. Goals. If you know me than you know I'm big on knowing the "goal" at hand. As a dreamer, you have to do the same in your relationship. If you are still new in your relationship with bae, cool you have some time but if you ain't new to this, "what's the goal sis?". Create a few sets of goals with bae. Short-term, long-term, business, passion, travel, life and family and whatever else you desire. Don't forget that this is a partnership and you both have valuable assets to contribute. Try doing a couples vision board (my fav thing) or even making a goal check sheet at the top of the year. As you continue to build your dream, as you continue to make major moves, make sure bae is moving in that direction and that bae is in alignment with your desires. Make sure you have some shared goals, joint ventures and plans for growth. Make sure it's not overkill and that you both have your "own" things that you love and support one another on. Dreamers have to be extra intentional while building their dreams and relationships because there is only one way we're headed--to the top!

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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