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Spring Forward, Reset Your Life🌷

It’s Spring!!!!! Are you as excited as I am for the weather to break, the grass to turn back green, the flowers to bloom and most importantly to jump into this new quarter. YASSS! I’m stoked. This season has truly brought about some much needed renewal in my life. I am so excited to be a better me. The winter and especially March were just not the best. However, I did plan accordingly and with a mission to Spring Forward. Here are 3 resets in my life:

Spiritual: I definitely had to check my relationship at the door. I use to belong to a really dynamic women’s group bible study and ever since it dismantled, I have had that longing to be in that intimate space again. With such a busy schedule, I find it extremely hard to coordinate the schedules of others (even for God) so I’ve been searching for more creative ways to connect with women and the Word. The beauty of it all is having technology that allows these seamless yet impactful interactions to happen. The YouVersion Bible App and Echo Prayer app have worked wonders. I’m able to read devotional plans with my girls and then have discussion (all via the app) about our takeaways. This has been wonderful and just the perfect accountability needed. Echo has allowed me to get my prayer list out of my notebook and into a reminder app. I’m just trying to be efficient y'all and God deserves order.

Lifestyle Habits: I have to confess that I am a mail hoarder. For whatever reason I feel the need to keep important papers and letters, etc. I have vowed to myself to purge all old mail during my spring cleaning. I literally don’t have any room in my mail bin for another piece of literature. I’ve already made sure that all my bills are e-billed but I’ve got to get rid of the extra stuff. So I’m purging, cleaning and creating a habit to only keep what’s needed.

Health is Wealth: I’ve been struggling. I workout literally 5 times a week and sometimes 7-8 times. My week is Mon-Fri but on Saturday and Sunday I’m ready to throw it all away with food and drinks. Crazy right!!!! I know my schedule is crazy busy. I’m typically up some days at 5am and in bed around midnight. By the time the weekend comes along I am completely ready to relax, enjoy, etc. Because I want to be the BEST version of ME, I have committed to sticking to my regimen even during the weekend. What that truly means is that I’ll be meal prepping for the weekends as well and when I do go out to eat, I can’t indulge in the stuff I haven’t been eating. I am committing to this because I am springing forward and resetting my life. It’s so needed.

How are you springing along this year? Are you doing some resetting in your life? If you’re looking for guidance or just to chat about your direction I am only a free dream call away or feel free to purchase The DreamBuilding Diary and work at your own pace. These tools are for you. Let’s Build.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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