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September 21st...what a beautiful day to have a birthday! I come to bare 33 things I've learned or relearned, experienced and taken note of in the last year. Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Remember the moments you have, even the smallest

  2. If you want something, just buy it

  3. Check on all of your friends, even those you don't speak to as often

  4. Donate money to something you believe in

  5. Debate is healthy, indulge

  6. Ask for help when needed

  7. Set boundaries in all areas of your life

  8. Leave your phone in your purse more often, on silent

  9. Wash your car and love on it

  10. New hair colors brings out your alter ego

  11. Try a new class (fitness, cooking, etc)

  12. Cry more often

  13. Take the scenic route a few times a month

  14. Make a work friend that can help you through the hard times

  15. Trust the process, trust yourself

  16. Purge your closet

  17. Relax on planning every moment of your life

  18. Take yourself out to dinner

  19. Volunteer your time, be a blessing

  20. Recycle more and watch how you change your life

  21. Compliment black men & women, they deserve empowerment

  22. Document your journey so you can revisit it

  23. Spontaneity is amazing

  24. Love your life partner more and more

  25. Read more books, listen to more podcasts

  26. Travel, travel, travel, experience some place new

  27. Meal prep everyday

  28. Drink more water, detox your soul

  29. Stretch your limbs, child's pose & cat/cow every morning

  30. Be Consistent and Reliable

  31. Speak your truth, use your voice

  32. Love your life, an attitude of gratitude

  33. Continue building your Dream Life, this is mine

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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