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You Can Sit With Us:5 Powers of Sisterhood🎀

You Can Sit With Us: The 5 Powers of Sisterhood:

1. Healing. We (women) heal unspoken wounds that we begin patching through the incredible “gift of gab”. Girl talk, much-needed venting sessions, and dinner dates are healing mechanisms for our souls. It makes us feel so not alone in our mess and truly illuminates our complex diversities. We get opportunities to shift things when we have comfort and accountability to grow. We naturally heal each other and it's a powerful thing.

2. Beauty. We look good, collectively. When you look good, you feel good! Y'all be slaying from the inside out. We are consistently working on our hearts and our mental health while also working on our healthy lifestyles and infinite opportunities to be best dressed. We slay makeup looks, new fashion trends, hairstyles like non-others, and truly make self-work a priority. How beautiful! We unapologetically express ourselves. I love the power of our beauty, inner and outward.

3. Boys. They can be dumb and we have to process that together. Men can be great though. We also get to process that together.

4. Success. Women are the epitome of superhumans. Thankfully, self-care, love, and preservation have become more prevalent facets for us to embrace. We feel emotions, get degrees, run businesses, work jobs for less pay, conceive babies, fight to have a voice, care for people and animals in this world and carry the weight of entire generations, effortlessly. We don't know how to do anything other than persevere and that's what I call success. We have strength entangled in our DNA. We can move mountains with tears rolling down our faces and still get it done. Did I mention we can do all of this (oftentimes) alone, with the help of no one. That’s superhuman success.

5. Support. You can sit with us!!! Yess, no mean girls here. The cool club really exists. We are so inspiring and supportive of one another when not strategically put against each other. We are the squad, we are the tribe. We made the squad and the tribe and yes, sis you can sit with us. One of the most critical powers of sisterhood is knowing that squad is real. I mean hey where can you get brutal honesty about your poor decisions and in the same breath talk about the things that tug on your heartstrings? We’re everything ladies so take a seat and let’s do this dream life together.

If for any reason you're missing out on these gems in your life, it's never too late to make "new" sister-friends. It's gonna require a faith walk for you but there are so many kindred spirits out there seeking the same thing. Find your tribe, find your people.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Lowe, Chief Dream Engineer

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