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Bring Your Vision.

Build Your Dream.

The DreamBuilding Consultancy helps nonprofit & community-based organizations achieve their big picture dream goals. By designing and delivering equitable programs, we emphasize celebrating the process through unforgettable destination & team retreat coordination. 


The DreamBuilding Consultancy partners with your org to build capacity by leading and managing new & revised initiatives. The discovery and design phase are critical in the development of your work. We take that heavy lift and execute it equitably. We help with the creation of ideas, cultivation of relationships and belonging, and celebration of your progress to help build your teams' morale. 

How We Help

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Consulting & Project Management 

Laughing During a Meeting

Facilitation & Community Building

Group Travel

Team Retreats & Travel 

Meet Your Consultant 

I'm Kiylise (ky-lease), founder, ceo, & full-time Dream Consultant.

I believe in equity & belonging and the cultivation of social, emotional, learning skills for all. I love designing and facilitating programs & truly being in community with incredible humans. Bring your vision and I'll help build your Dream! 

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