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I'm Kiylise Lowe, Founder & Chief Dream Consultant of The DreamBuilding Consultancy. With over 15+ years of experience working in the youth development and nonprofit space, I am delighted to continue my journey partnering with leaders and team members like you. 

I am super passionate about racial equity, a sense of belonging, and social, emotional, learning skills for all.  

I focus my consulting work on (3) primary aspects which include Design, Delivery, and Destination. I love taking big picture dreams and goals and making them come to life by intentionally designing programs for organizations. I also enjoy "holding space" for groups by way of facilitation. I believe in the power of community and the magic that humans create in safe and brave spaces. Thirdly, I love travel and I prioritize rest, respite, and retreat. I encourage org leaders to celebrate their wins and progress by allowing me to coordinate team retreats and travel because...Who doesn't deserve to do strategic planning and team building in the Caribbean

My goal is to help you build and execute your dream ideas. I'd love to work with you.

Let's connect. 

also IRL..

I love being extroverted and recharging around those I love most. I absolutely enjoy long walks with my Shihtzu, Bailey. I have a secret obsession with bird watching and learning new animal facts. I love being outdoors but really despise bees and other flying insects. I also enjoy listening to audio books, podcasts, and blogging. I love, love, love traveling and coordinating travel. One of the most beautiful places I've visited has definitely been the Greek Isles. The most fascinating has been the Amazonian Rainforest. When I'm not doing all of that I enjoy crafting and using my hands. Fun fact: I have a candle line focused on intentions, self-preservation, and care. 


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