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The Breathing Space Retreat: Reviving Your Black Girl Magic

August 24 - August 27, 2023, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Enjoy an all-inclusive, adult-only, peace-encapsulating resting retreat in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico. This breathing space experience is curated with the hardworking superwoman in mind. We have thrown traditional schedules out of the window and ask that you pack up to enjoy (3) wellness workshops that will delight your soul and focus on a holistic you. We are reviving your Black Girl Magic and placing intentional emphasis on rest, and relaxation  before journeying back home. Come and experience a peaceful and safe space to breathe.

Deposit : $575 per person | Single & Double Occupancy Available 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who is this retreat for? 

This retreat is for those who are working daily in their black girl magic and desire rest, respite, and retreat.

Q. Who is the retreat NOT for?

  • Those who are expecting to have an action packed itinerary

  • Those with a cliquey, you can’t sit with us mentality

  • Those who are only doing it for the gram 

  • Those looking for a turn up session 


Q. What activities will I be engaging in? 

There are 3 workshops to support you with reviving your black girl magic. Workshop titles are as follow:

  • Selfish Is Not A Bad Word: Understanding the impact self-preservation has on your mental health 

  • The Black Woman's Guide to Intimacy: A deep discussion on sexual health and other pathways to intimacy 

  • What Does Holistic Health Look like?: Exploring the connection between spiritual and physical health 


Q. What is expected of me as a participant?

We just want you to be engaged, relaxed, and without a plan.


Q. How much planning is expected on my end?

Not much sis, just schedule that PTO or time away, pack your bags, and we got the rest. This is an all-inclusive rest and respite experience.

Q. Is there a dress code?

No, we want you to come as you are! We are staying at a 5-star resort so you'll get to bask in a luxurious lifestyle. 


Q. What is included in the cost? 

Your cost includes an All-Inclusive, Adult-Only, 5-Star Resort Stay, Roundtrip Airfare, Travel Protection, Private Deluxe Nonstop Roundtrip Transfers, Workshop Materials, & Retreat Swag.


Q. Is there a payment plan available or do I have to pay all upfront?

Once you pay your non-refundable deposit, there is an option to pay via payment plan. We also offer Uplift and Affirm. 

Q. Am I allowed to sign up and share a room with my friend?

Sure, we welcome you and your best goalfriend or whomever may need a break to share a room. We also encourage everyone to build community and get to know the other participants.


Q. Can I pay for a single occupancy room? 

Absolutely, single occupancy is available for an additional cost.


Q. Am I allowed to bring my partner even if they stay out of the way?

Unfortunately, nope! We are reviving Black Girl Magic collectively and we believe that we need the collective magic of Black women to accomplish that. Please contact Dream Retreat Travel to arrange a much needed Baecation. 

Q. Who is putting on this retreat?

This is a collaborative effort between The DreamBuilding Co. and The Sisters’ Couch. This retreat was built out of necessity after continually discussing the need for Black women to rest. Alandra & Kiylise are authentic, magical, black girls, carrying heavy crowns and wanting to hold space for you to breathe. 

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