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Strategy and Design Work

Equity & Belonging Strategies: Collaborate to design and develop equity plans and agendas for various organizational benchmarks. 

Social, Emotional, Learning Strategies: Collaborate to prepare leaders, practitioners, and youth with SEL skills 

Includes: Facilitation of Affinity Groups, Accelerators, and  Fellowship Programs, Communities of Practice, and Professional Learning Communities


Curriculum Alignment: Assess, plan, and improve current program curriculum to align with equity and belonging goals for youth and staff.  

Includes: Curriculum assessment, evaluation and findings reports, training design and implementation

Program Management & Project Coordination: Collaborate to prepare a systems approach to manage programs and projects

Includes: Designing and developing project-specific systems and tracking.

Respite & Retreat Coordination: Collaborate to create an individual or team self-preservation experience.

Includes: Inclusive planning of local intimate gathering coordination and international travel opportunities. 

Workshops Series

        Equity & Belonging for Practitioners 

  • "Approaching Social, Emotional, Learning Skills with Equity"

  • "Design Thinking for Equity & Belonging

  • "There is an I in Team, Equitable Self-Awareness"


          Youth Workshops

  • "Making Wave$: Your Virtual Network is Your Net Worth"

  • "Surviving a Pandemic: Navigating Grief & Loss, and Self-Care"

  • "Virtual Vision Board Party"

  • "Backwards Planning toward Success" 

  • "Confidence Killer to Builder" 


         Team Workshops

  • "Creative Solutions for Success"

  • "Design & Manifest with Mood Boards or Vision Boards"

  • "Accountability to Self: Putting You First"

 Affinity Groups


     S P A C E H O L D E R  Series

  • Black Racial Healing: "Here's Your Space"

  • Black Authenticity: "Switching the Codes, Shifting the Narratives"

  • Navigating: "When Microagressions become Macrotraumatic" 

  • Navigating: "Messy, Scary, Allyship" 

  • Navigating: "Equity in LGBTQIA Language"

  • Navigating: "Grief & Loss feat. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter"

  • Virtual Vision Canvasing: "Dreams & Things"

  • Creative Concierge Confabulation: "Sparking What's Within"

  • The Transitions: "Marriage and Mental Health"

  • The Transitions: "Climbing the Ladder To Kick It"

  • The Transitions: "Solopreneur Services + Products"

 Respite and Retreats for Leaders 

  •  Join like-minded women for an exclusive self-preservation retreat or local community building experience

  • Coordinate your own local, domestic, or international retreat experience for your team

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