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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Dining with Dreams ?

A. Dining with Dreams is a story telling platform for women. This dining experience is curated to allow women to be featured as the "main attraction" and to share their wisdom, challenges and experiences. 

Q. What is the Goalfriends Feature?

A. The Goalfriends Feature is the amazing sequel to The Dream(R) Retreat. Because 2 are better than 1, pair up with your bestie and prepare to present together at this dining experience. 

Q. What is the cost of Dining with Dreams: GoalFriends Feature? 

A. Goalfriends Feature tickets are $49 per person ($98 per Goalfriend pair). Each ticket is inclusive of:

  1. 10 course food & signature drink experience (tasting menu) (appetizers, entrees, dessert, drinks) 

  2. speaking capture photo experience (professional digital photo snapshot)

  3. Workbook 

  4. Networking Opportunity with Like-Minded Women 

Q. How many tickets are available at Dining with Dreams: GoalFriends Feature?


A. Spots are limited! This experience is designed to propel yourself as a (speaker/storyteller) as well as a warrior woman in a room full of other women. Grab your bestie and secure your spot today! 


Q. Is each attendee required to speak? 


A. Yes, each Goalfriend pair is required to present during this experience. If you are interested in just attending as a spectator, please email us separately ( so that we can see if we can accommodate you.


Q. I'm more of a trio instead of a it ok if 3 of us present?

A. Absolutely! If you're more of a trio and you need your 3rd leg, sure! We can work on timing to accommodate your trio needs. Please be sure to email us. 

Q. What are the presentation requirements?


A. Goalfriend Presentations:

  • no longer than 15 minutes in total (feel free to divvy up time as needed- the minimum time length should be 5-7 minutes) 

  • engaging, interactive and relevenat to sharpening a woman's toolbox- share your experiences and discoveries but also be sure to share coping skills, tips, and takeaways 

  • [video submission]: you and your Goalfriend should submit a video submission showcasing your personality & sharing your presentation topic and goal (2min max) 

  •  you and your Goalfriend must complete the intake registration form


Q. What is the registration process?

A. Head over to ________ and complete the registration intake form today to secure your spot. Video submission guidelines and payment processing will be emailed upon confirmation.

Q. Is there anyway for me to call or do a video conferencing with you about our presentation option?

A. Absolutely, If you'd rather do the video over video chat, please head over to ______ to schedule a time for us to chat. 


What's Included: -Meals Prepared by a Private Chef, Snacks, Bottomless Drinks, Pamper Party Activities, Retreat T-Shirt, Goodie Bag,  2night stay in a gorgeous Michigan Cottage and more... 

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