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Every once and awhile you have to write or "rewrite" the vision and make it plain.

8 Story Social provides one-on-one, group, organization and company dream engineering to help build and design your dream, Dream


Whether you're on the fence about changing careers, or simply exploring what life has to offer you, then booking a private one-on-one consultation with one of our dream engineers is a promising move for you.


If your group, organization or company is seeking to move toward a greater vision, book your customized activity or workshop to help unleash your inner passion, creativity and optimisim for your dream goal. 


Past clients have used our dream engineering

sessions to:

  • launch businesses/startups

  • inspire staff members/teams

  • project redirection

  • goal setting

  • family dream trees 

  • girls night in 

  • bachelorette/bachelor party ideas

  • conference workshops

  • baby shower activities

  • and many more...

These workshops paired with our dream engineers not only help unleash passion and vision but also ignites the drive and determination that life grants. Book your consultation today!! 


We can't wait to hear from you! Contact us today and let us help plan your dream session!

Dream Engineering

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