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The DreamBuilding Diary

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Are you ready to connect your Passion, Purpose, Power to Build a life you see when you close your eyes?

Hello Dreamers,

The DreamBuilding Diary is your specially curated thought-organizing tool filled with over 250+ pages of activities, stories, tidbits, & writing prompts. Finally, a space to get all those incredible ideas out of your head and organized in an action plan to help you achieve living your dream life.

This interactive workbook is crafted for the passionate and purposeful creative who seeks space to explore and implement a true goal-setting plan.

If you're ready to build your dreams using the workbook and practice self-preservation as you build then check out our DreamBuilding Box.

The DreamBuilding Box 

Exclusive Pre-Order Launch (limited supplies) | all pre-orders ships in 2 weeks

Experience your dream planning in our brand new dreamers' toolkit. The DreamBuilding Box includes everything you need for thought-organizing, dream planning, and self-preservation & care. ORDER TODAY! 


The DreamBuilding Box includes:

The DreamBuild Diary | thought-organizer & dream planner | (valued at $24)

The DreamBuilding Diary Inspirational Bookmark 

The DreamBuilding Candle Collection | (3) 7oz. soy wax, intention candles | (valued at $64)

The DreamBuilding Collection Intention-Setting Stationery 

The DreamBuilding Collection Candle Matches 

All packaged in your very own dreamers' toolkit for $69.99  + FREE SHIPPING

(while supplies last) | VISIT to learn more about Invitation Only Intention Candles 

Get Started:

1. Stylize, snap, & share your beautiful blue #dreambuildingbox

2. Begin thought-organizing &  building your dream using The DreamBuilding Diary

3. Set daily intentions & practice self-preservation & care using The DreamBuilding Candle Collection 

4. Live the life you see when you close your eyes

5. Rinse & Repeat 

Inside The DreamBuilding Box

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