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Let's Build Your Dream Life❤️

DreamBuilding begins with a Plan

Hey ya Hey! I'm reporting live from the DreamBuilding Headquarters! I took an amazing year long sabbatical to focus all of my attention on one of my long term dreams. It was truly the right decision. As I've mentioned before, this year and next for me is all about pivoting and building on those other passions I possess. Exploring them at very least. I want you to do the work as well. If you're currently in a rut and not sure how to jumpstart your dream lifestyle, I'm here as your thought partner.

1. What do you want?: This question is more challenging than it appears. It can be difficult to know exactly what you want when you desire an abundance of things. I created the Dreambuilding Diary to help me really focus on what I wanted. I want you to choose one thing that really tugs on your heart and begin exploring that. Challenge: Write one thing down and then brainstorm all of the elements about it. What does it look and feel like? Who's involved, where does it take place, how do you feel?

2. How do you get what you want?: So you've narrowed things down to one of your desires and now you're like ok what's next. Research, research, research- research is next! You need to know all that you can about your dream goal. If you want to try something new, start a business, do volunteer work, whatever it may be, you need to do extensive research. Find others who are already doing the work and see what you can learn. You may find out that this isn't truly your dream. The real work is always like the tip of the iceberg analogy. You see the pretty stuff, you dream of it but you never see the large mass of work beneath the surface. Do your research. Challenge: Find a local entity that closely relates to the dream goal you're setting. If you're brave and bold, schedule an appointment and see if you can get an behind-the-scenes look and learn.

3. How do you stay motivated through the process?: Oh yes it gets lonely at the top. It's hard to build your dream and stay motivated through your own process. Crazy right? Well it's called life continuing to happen all around us. You may be passionate and ready to leap and build something spectacular but when life creeps in you can easily become discouraged. I truly recommend that you find a real accountability partner. You need someone who you trust and someone who is willing to tell you hard truths but only with an eye for you to win. Don't try and build those dreams all on your own. We were built for community so find your tribe and stay on top of building. I completed my first book but during the process I hit so many roadblocks along the way. I tapped into my tribe and stayed on top of things. If you don't have an accountability partner or know anyone, I recommend you look in nonconventional avenues. My biz bestie is an entrepreneur and nurse and we align perfectly. Different lanes but same goals. Challenge: You have not because you ask not- Reach out on social media and simply ask if anyone is looking for an accountability partner. Explore your options and be very particular.

Best Wishes & Sweet Dreaming!



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