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The DreamBuilding Academy

a premier project-based learning and leadership program

The Confidence to Build

The Power to Launch


The DreamBuilding Academy is a premier project-based learning program that focuses on leadership development for middle and high school students.


The DreamBuilding Curriculum exercises the exploration of self-discovery, self-empowerment and practical application. Students will identify and connect their passions, purpose and power to develop and launch a tangible product or service that challenges a specific need. The Academy explores various layers of entrepreneurship, project management, leadership, career readiness, and service learning with an emphasis on self-awareness and empowerment.  


12 weeks of DreamBuilding instruction takes participants on an incredible journey through the five phases of envision, evaluate, establish, engage and execute, toward a mastery final production. The DreamBuilding Academy empowers youth to take charge of their dreams and apply the connection of their passions and purpose to reveal their power. The final *P- practical application, gives youth an opportunity to launch their very own event, service or idea with collaborative support from their mentors and cohort members.

The confidence to build, the power to launch

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