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Live the Life of Your Dreams🌠



You are where you are today because A.) you've followed all of the right steps that you were taught (high school, college, corporate America) B.) you have allowed a little bit of your fear to get in the way of your faith C.) you're still working your way to the top and discovering new info about yourself everyday

There is no right or wrong answer. NO one and I mean no one can tell you if you're living in your dreams right now but you. We have to step away from societal views of success and really analyze our passions so we can live the life of our dreams.

Often times when I'm unable to fall asleep, I immediately turn to my imagination, whom I love dearly because its so vivid and I say Hey Imagination!, Let's go there. I instantly began dreaming. Dreaming of the life I want to live. Dreaming of the future I want to have. I'm a dreamer.

Instead of counting sheep, I'm actually counting sheep on a beautiful farm setting with lots of acreage. That's seriously one of my dreams (yeah I count sheep, although I only want 2-4 sheep on my farm). Since I can remember, I've shared this relationship with my dreams.

8StorySocial is a movement centered around helping others build their dreams. A social movement dedicated to an infinity of storytelling(8StorySocial). I specialize in dreambuilding because I highly value living a life I desire, deserve and dream of. I currently live in my dream life. I have carefully carved and crafted my dream to reflect within my current day-to-day. Most people wait until they obtain xyz to start living but I have started living while obtaining xy and z along the way. The beauty in dreams is that they're always changing, growing, developing and existing. We don't stop dreaming when we achieve something, we dream bigger.

Quick Q&A with Kiylise

Q: Why do you say you're living the life of your dreams?

A. I've connected my passions, my purpose and my power and anything I dream of, fits in there.

Q: What's your mission??

A: To help fabulous people do the same. That's all.

Until next time

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


1.) What do you dream of often?

2.) If there were no barriers, what's one dream you'd soar for?

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