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A couple goats and a horse...🐐


Let's Dream Chat

Mind wandering, Day dreaming, Envisioning... that lovely space that snatches us up, puts us in a time machine & takes us to our "Happy" space. BIG & HAPPY space where our Dreams reside.

Have you ever noticed that people laugh or chuckle at some of your deepest desires. Do you feel discouraged at all or maybe lonely because you know what you see and what you feel. Yeah yeah me too.

The amazing thing about being a dreamer is that you won't always have a flock of believers. There won't always be people rooting you on or even encouraging you to move forward. Why is this amazing? I'm glad you asked. This is amazing because no matter what you'll always have your desire. You'll have this undeniable tug at your heart that makes your crave certain things. Guess what, there's a DreamTeam of others with that same sensation. We're kinda like those quirky kids who wear polka dot knee socks and pigtails🏽. Kinda amazing, in my opinion.

We have to match our desires with our dreams and make it happen. Often times we have to introduce our friends and loved ones to our creative madness. No shade to them, they just can't see into the stars as much as we can.

Sooooo in about 20 years, I want to leap off the moon and own a farm. Yes this city girl wants a farm!!! Why is that funny? I'm so serious.

I see myself with a couple of goats, a horse, a few chickens, a duck and some more doggies.

Why? because this is where my mind often wanders. This is where I see myself, tending to animals and enjoying acreage with my companion. My love for animals and the great outdoors just fits perfectly in my glamorous, rustic-chic farm. I want to spend warm summer nights sitting outside and listening to crickets and sipping lemonade(spiked of course).

People laugh when I say let's go camping or glamping, let's have a bonfire, let's hike or kayak, just spend time outdoors. Why???? because I'm a girly girl and out of my group of friends, I'm a dress and heel fanatic, makeup loving, accessory toting girly girl.

Let's not forget where each scar on both of my elbows and knee caps come from. I spent summers, literally summers climbing trees, swinging on monkey bars, riding bikes and doing all outdoor fun stuff. Kids today will never experience spending hours and hours outside with no technology or any other distractions. I was that girl. It didn't just go away because I put a blazer and some lashes on. I'm still that girl. I wanna ride bikes, love on animals, sit by the water and hike unforeseen trails. I want my farm.

I find myself in love with shows like Fixer Upper, and Dear Genevieve. Often when I vacation in rural areas I make friends with the nearby ducks or neighborly dogs. I'm always browsing through Better Homes and Gardens or Real Simple. I'm addicted, I'm attracted. I plan to make this dream come true, I mean after all, what better place to be creative than on your own beautiful farm.

So yeah, a couple goats and a horse for me. What about you guys?

Until next time

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Dream Engineer

Q&A- Let's Dream Chat

1.) Where does your mind often wander?

2.) Is there something you dream of that people think is a little weird? What is it?

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