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Purpose, Passion & Power💕


So if you don't know then let me just let you in on one of my biggest passions--helping youth succeed. I have worked in youth development for the past 10 years and every year, month and day is indeed a different journey.

I recently had a conversation with several 16 year old students who were very eager to tell me what power and success meant to them. I was all ears because I was so intrigued to know whats going on inside of their heads. Once I began to hear about Wraiths (Rolls Royce), Rollies (Rolex's) and a home in the hills, I assumed which direction in which the conversation was going. I proceeded to ask my bright eyed young men with matching hairstyles (the lined up nappy fro), which was more important--Passion or Power?

Cool Kids: Awww fo sho- Power! because if you have power then you have respect

Me: Well why do you need respect?

Cool Kid #1: You need respect so people take you seriously

(Irri) Me: Well why do care if people take you seriously?

Cool Kid #2: Because it matters that people respect you so they don't try to play you

Me: Why don't you feel that passion is important?

Cool Kids: Well it is important because you have to be passionate about being powerful

Me: Hmmmm, so you agree you need passion to get power

16 Year Old Kid: Naw I don't agree that you need it but you do kinda need it

Me: Ok, 😒 no further questions, we'll dive deeper at another time

So to sum up the conversation 1) they would not, could not, agree with me LOL which is cool but also validating my age (they think I'm old) but also 2)they do understand that you have to be passionate about something to have power even if they don't want to understand it

If you are indeed a dreamer, a go-getter, an entrepreneur or just an intrinsically motivated person, I ask you this: How are purpose, passion and power connected?

My purpose on this planet is to creatively reach people (children, teens, adults), my passion is formulated in many avenues to reach my purpose such as youth development, photography and film, writing, teambuilding facilitation, teaching, etc. My POWER lies in me understanding those connections, staying true and humble and creating the LIFE of my DREAMS.

The formula is simple: Passion x Purpose=Power

The life of my dreams may not include a Wraith, or Rolex (maybe a Rollie) but the life of my dreams includes my Passions (all 99 of them) and paving a way to execute each one while encouraging and empowering someone else to do the same. I always preach that,

"I am sane not because life is absolutely great and easy (we all fall on hard times) but I am sane because no matter what happens, I absolutely find joy in my passions and that my dear friends gives me all the POWER in the world". Find your Power.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


1.)How do you connect Passion and Power?

2.) How do you define Power?

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