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5 Tips to Empower Your Circle ⭕️


1. HONESTY- the good, the bad, the ugly! Honesty is major 🔑. You have to have honest relationships with your team to be able to call them out on their stuff, tell them when they're wrong, and of course share if that outfit is just not working. Honesty is a critical tip to help when empowering your team for greatness. Sometimes my friends don't even have to speak and I know exactly what they're thinking, so I check myself...that's empowering!

2. AFFIRMATIONS- Affirming your team that their current behavior, skill set and beauty is on fleek (forgive me now). You have to, have to, pour into your teams lives. It is far too often that we lack daily self affirmation. Take a moment to send a text about how great of a parent or student your friend may be. Take a second to compliment how beautiful or fine they continuously look (no homo right). It's up to us to continually build up the people we love.

3. INCLUSION- share your world. Include your team/friends into your gifts and passions even if they don't share those same values. It's always polite to extend an invitation or share what's going on in your world. We sometimes leave out the people who love us most because of their own interests. Its always empowering to know what your besties truest passion is. I brag about my team all the time.

4. ADVICE- ask, ask, ask. When in doubt, ask your team, wwyd (what would you do). These are the people who won't hold you up and although you may agree to disagree, its empowering to know that you care enough to ask. I love to ask my friends for daily weather every morning I'm shooting a text to my bestie that reads "Is it ok to wear sandals yet?" 😂 I can just count on her to not have me out here looking bold and cold. The trusting factor that asking for one's advice implies is intrinsically empowering.

5. CONSISTENCY- The final tip for empowering your circle, team or group of bff's is keeping it consistent. Keep tips 1-4 up and repeat over and over again. You share life with these people so you have to continue being honest, affirming, inclusive and an advice seeker. These are the things that keeps the wheels turning. Your team will appreciate you and feel empowered to keep dreaming and teaming with you.

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


1.)What makes you feel empowered?

2.) What are some things your friends do to help encourage and motivate you?

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