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Star Catchers



1. a person who jumps off of the moon and catches a handful of stars

2. a dynamic human being following, chasing and living the life of their dreams

Meet Dominique Perry (@msladypea)

Thee very stylish and fashionable Dom P has graced us all with a dynamic interview. I just feel incredibly blessed to know and feature all of these amazing starcatchers out here making Power moves, and I do mean POWER. I now present to you this amazing star catcher, my sweetiepie, DomP, check out our convo:

Me: Hello gorgeous!!!! I'm so glad you've decided to drop by to tell your Story!!! Please fill us all in on how you're currently living the life of your Dreams!

Dom: Thanks so much for having me Kiy. I'm excited to share a little of my world and dream life. Well firstly, the ability to impact and influence the lives of professional people for the betterment of their development and careers - at various stages in life - is SUCH an honor. I have always been a friendly person, but I genuinely want to see others win. It is a great benefit and gives me much fulfillment to know that I can help others achieve their professional goals. I also love business, continuous innovation, and change; managing people in evolving business, change is a constant. I am a Human Resources Professional.

Me: Yes I can so vouch for your genuine heart of hearts. It's one of your best qualities. 8StorySocial is all about the winning team. I feel like its truly enough for all of us out here. So Ms. HR Professional (💁🏽) , I know you've learned a few lessons along the journey. What would you say has been your greatest life lesson within the past year?

Dom: My greatest life lesson this past year has been to be true to yourself, yet surround yourself with people that propel you to the next level. Oddly enough, I am an advocate for being me and those around me can either choose to accept that or move on. However, it is so easy to subconsciously slip back into familiar activities, people, habits, and influences from those around you. Yet, only real comfort comes from being true to yourself. I have had friends and acquaintances that were uncomfortable with new/positive directions I was moving in, simply because it was beyond them or different from what we had been doing collectively. Although growing pains hurt, it is highly important to remain true to self and shed dead weight. People that are really for YOU, will be for you - heck they may even join you on the journey to elevate themselves! - and will not try to hold you to who you may have been at a different level in life

Me: You betta preach Dom🙌🏾. I so agree!! I often say it gets lonely at the top but you have to keep pushing and patiently wait for those supporters to meet you there. Its all about those squad and circle GOALS(check out my post), they tell a lot. Well in the midst of all of this elevation and self proclamation, we all have to take a few moments in that one spot that just gives us the right amount of peace and zen. I usually find mine during my evening dog walks near the pond. Where's your favorite chill spot?

Dom: My favorite chill spot is in my little SUV, Tiffani - I know weird! I am always on the go, so my vehicle is a place I spend the majority of my time. I pray, worship, and talk to God there, I catch up with old friends, I share many laughs there, and driving (not in traffic) is actually therapeutic for me at times. Most of all I can decompress and use the quiet time to reflect on various instances and strategically think about my next moves.

Me: Car vibes are so bomb. I usually pull up and sit in the car for a good 20 minutes before I get out. I never want to take outside distractions inside with me so I too, decompress. I often daydream as well. You know that totally amazing vision or distraction that actually counts. Our minds wander. I'll say over and over again, mine wanders to my farmhouse -LOL- but anyway where does your mind often wander?

Dom: My mind often wanders to thinking about some form of art. Many people do not know this about me, but I can draw, paint, crochet, knit, and do other forms of arts and crafts. If anyone was to ever flip through one of my work notebooks - or any notebook for that matter - they would see all types of doodles and drawings. I love other forms of art too, such as fashion, home décor, graffiti, coloring books :), jewelry, cosmetology, various music genres, plays, movies, etc. Art is certainly a form of expression and overall it is just beautiful.

Me: I knew we were sole mates.❤ Art if life. Point.blank.period. So Dom, what can we expect to see from you within the next year?

Dom: This year, I am working on several things but #1 is completing my Ed.D (doctorate) in 2017! I am super excited and a little nervous at the same time! Yet, I am forever thanking God for the opportunity to be able to accomplish a childhood goal and a promise I made to my grandmother when I first entered into higher education. In conjunction with the plan to continue excelling within my organization, I would love to get into collegiate teaching/instructing as well as progress with a new business venture - to also be released in 2017. Lastly, there are a few personal endeavors and life long commitments I am looking forward to in the near future as well. I'm busy.

Me: Yasss!! Busy is good and such a blessing. We're so happy and proud for the future Dr. Perry. What a way to catch the stars! You know I'm an infinite student so I 100% support your courage, strength and tenacity for higher ed. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulousness and allowing us to highlight how your DreamLife is shaping and shining. Make sure you stop by to keep us updated with all your success. I now crown your new occupation: Starcatcher

Dom: Thank you for providing a platform for this and I definitely will keep you updated.

If you haven't checked out interviews with other amazing Starcatchers please read up on my previous blogs. I've featured a PR Maven, Autism Advocate, Passionate Creative and now HR Professional!!! These are amazing Starcatching women doing amazing things.

Until Next Time

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


Feel free to drop any questions you may have for Dominique below:

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