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Star Catcher



1. a person who jumps off of the moon and catches a handful of stars

2. a dynamic human being following, chasing and living the life of their dreams

Meet KianaTerrell (@kiana_terrell)

I feel incredibly blessed to know and feature all of these amazing starcatchers out here making Power moves, and I do mean POWER. I now present to you this amazing star catcher, check out our convo for all the deets:

Me: Heeeeyyyyy KiKi!!! OMG!!! I'm super excited for this interview because I've literally watched you transform and blossom into this dynamic starcatcher. I'm beyond grateful to share a little bit of your story!!! Please fill us all in on how you're currently living the life of your Dreams!

Kiana: Thanks so much for having me Kiy. I've also watched you as well. It's been a long time❤️. I get to do what I enjoy most every single day. Being that I am a personal trainer and a fitness vlogger, I get to workout everyday, and help others better their lives. That's my dream.

Me: That's so bomb, I need to come do some training with you in NY. Have we chatted about NY being one of my favorite cities🗽...that's another story but I'm down for a fitness retreat any day. I'm glad you get to get up and do what brings you joy. That's a dream and I know you've worked hard to get here so what has been the greatest life lesson learned in the past year?

Kiana: My greatest life lesson in the past year is learning to trust myself. Self-trust is so important when it comes to taking the next big step in life and pursuing my dreams, and I had to learn many times not to doubt my abilities.

Me: Yes we've all been there. The reward is so fulfilling tho. It's like a magical moment that you never, ever anticipated. If we don't trust our gifts, who will? In the midst of trusting, jumping, catching stars and dreaming, we all have that time out corner or thing that we go to. Mine is definitely kicking back watching cartoons or animated films with my nephews. Where is your favorite chill spot and why?

Kiana: My favorite chill spot at the moment is the grocery store! You can catch me there quite often 😂. I just love food and I'm really into coming up with new recipes.

Me: Fellow Foodie Unite!!! I'm so gonna need your top tips on staying fit and dominating the grocery store(blog post coming soon, right?). You know I do sooooo well until I spot a bottle of wine or champagne🍷...there goes my wasted calories (womp, womp). Just wait until I'm retired and kicking back on my farm with my own winery (🙈). Everyone knows that my dream farm is where my mind often wanders. Where is one place you find your mind wandering?

Kiana: Being that I just graduated from college, I can sometimes be very frantic about the future. So my mind often wanders to the time when I will be truly established and settled in my career. I wannna know what that will look like.

Me: Congratulations! Graduation is such a huge deal!!! Women often confuse living the life of their dreams to some major level of attainment. My dream movement is constructed to help debunk the myth. When you do what you love, you're in a dream. It doesn't have to begin when you land a title or own a new home. Loving your life is the mission and I've come across so many starcatchers who've realized they are living the dream. Speaking of the dream and all of your current success, what is one thing we can expect to see from you within the next year?

Kiana: I definitely agree. I feel grateful to begin my journey doing me. I can't stop now so you can definitely expect to see me within the next year featured in a top fitness magazine, as a “ Master Trainer.”

Me: Yesssss!!!!! Master Trainer Kiana, you better come through. I will definitely be checking all the magazines and making sure that everyone I know does the same. Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me share your story. I'm sure there is something someone can take away from this. Again, I'm sooooo super proud of you, now let's develop a workout plan for ya girl! 💁🏽

Kiana: Anytime Kiy, anytime! Thanks again for having me, this was great.

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Until Next Time

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


Feel free to drop any questions you may have for Kiana below:

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