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Hey Dreamer: A Convo with Teia B. 🌟

Star Catcher Remix



1. a person who jumps off of the moon and catches a handful of stars

2. a dynamic human being following, chasing and living the life of their dreams

Meet Teia B. (@loveteiab)

This dope interview with someone I personally go wayyyy back with was uber exciting. I've been rocking with her since Scoop days (high school) all the way up to Atl visits (college) until now (Creativepreneurs). I now present to you this amazing star catcher, check out our convo:

Me: OMG! Finally I get to chat with thee Ms. Teia! It's only been like forever. I'm dying to know how you are living the life of your dreams?

Teia: Finally, I know right! Well to jump right in- I wake up, I pray, I write a to-do list, I tackle my to-do list, I create content, I pitch press, I read, I meet and talk to people all day, I am active on social media, I email all day, I attend events, I exercise and I enjoy myself. Each day is a different day for me. Ten years ago I was working for someone who had a schedule similar to mine but now I’m working for myself as a founder and owner of a small boutique public relations agency, Love Publicity (@ilovepublicity). It’s a lot of work and my hours are not traditional but I’m happy. It’s my dream to be happy and all those things that “I do” make it the life of my dreams.

Me: Wow! Your day sounds action-packed but so fulfilling. I love to hear "founder & owner" because thats truly the ultimate GirlPower. With all that you do, I know you are constantly learning from your experiences. Please share with us what has been the greatest life lesson you've learned in the past year?

Teia: I've learned so much but specifically I've really embraced that: Time waits for no one. At this stage in my life and career procrastination is not an option. This year I missed out on a huge business opportunity by putting off some work and it sucked. I will not beat myself up for it but I will learn from it. I also gained 15 pounds this year by slacking off on my workouts and diet. There’s no time for laziness. Time is priceless. If I would like to continue to live the life of my dreams I must value all of the 24 hours in each day.

Me: Thank you for your transparency and I can totally relate. I like that you learn from your mistakes and keep it moving. Since time is so critical to our dreams and just life in general we know that its extremely important to take some time for ourselves(well some of us are still learning). So where is your favorite chill spot where you can just simply take some time?

Teia: My fav chill spot is Home. It gives me comfort, pleasure and sanctuary. In the public relations and event industry you’re constantly on the go. My busy schedule consists of meetings, countless hours of work, deadlines, conference calls and more. Being at my cozy home with a book, a television show on Netflix, spending time with my companion, or scrolling hours on social media makes me happy.

Me: We all need a sanctuary. I know I throughly enjoy the "great outdoors". I give myself lots of time to wander and wonder- key components for dreamers. If you know me its typically wandering to my future farm (that's another post). Where is one place your mind wanders?

Teia: This question is extremely hard because there is no specific place. I have a huge imagination so I could visualize myself at the gym tomorrow or at a meeting. The only common dominator in my visions is that I always have a smile on my face. So wherever I wander I’m always happy. I love to be happy.

Me: Understood. We're all chasing happy. I'm glad that your visions take you to your happy place. As a star catcher (the dreamer, the doer), I know there is a lot on your plate. I just personally know that you're a hustler and you never stop so what is one thing we can expect to see from you this year?

Teia: Yes!!! I am a doer. I am always reluctant to share incomplete projects with the public. It’s a big deal for me to just execute. That’s why I worked so hard to give up procrastination. However, a few years ago I created Love Harder, a campaign that promoted self-love. That is something I will re-launch within the next year. You will see more of Love Publicity and Love Harder. Just watch!

Me: We will certainly be watching! Thanks so much for sharing more about your consistent grind. We really appreciate you over at DreamWork. I'm so looking forward to Love Harder so you can come promote self-love to my high schoolers (side bar chat lol). We wish you all the best with Love Publicity and please don't forget to swing back by with updates on your success.

Teia: I absolutely will. Thanks so much!!!

Until Next Time

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


Feel free to drop any questions you may have for Teia below:

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