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Wear Your Crown & Celebrate 👑 5 Ways to Stay Winning


1. Reflect. Look back and take a moment to reflect. Do some soul searching or just woosah but to celebrate today's you, you have to remember yesterday's YOU. Pause, grab a journal and write down your biggest accomplishments to date. Don't be modest either. If you got your dream job, finished a 10K, colored your hair, got another degree, whatever it may be. Write it, write it, write it.

2. Visualize. Pull out that old box of pictures and Polaroid's that you've stuffed in the back of your closet. Take a trip down memory lane and browse through old pics and happy moments. If that box ceases to exist then I encourage you to use Timehop, Instagram or Facebook to visualize those winning moments.

3. Affirm. Let's face it. We grind. We really do. During all of your non-stop fabulousness, take a moment to write or recite affirmations to yourself. I use to think this sounded so weird or made me feel crazy but chile, trust I look in the mirror daily and remind myself of 2 things. 1)Who I am and 2)Whose I am....all the affirmation in the world. I'm a queen, I'm black, I'm beautiful, I'm successful, I'm intelligent, I'm compassionate. I'm a daughter of the most High. Girl, your crown is sitting high...wear it!

4. Reward. This is it. The way to celebrate that crown. In your fierceness, in your vulnerability, in your moment. Celebrate you. We don't do this enough. I absolutely love rewarding me because as hard as I work and as much as I plan ahead, I'll never ever get this moment back. Whether you take a bubblebath, binge watch your favorite show, try a new bottle of wine, shop til you drop, try a new recipe or my all time favorite---take a trip--, just do it. You always have a reason to celebrate your crown, reward yourself and be empowered to press on. Reward, reward, reward.

5. Repeat. Put it on repeat x 10. We can't do this once but it has to become routine. You'll catch me sipping my water out of my wine glass, burning a candle and relaxing on the patio. it's therapeutic, its needed. Reflect, Visualize, Affirm, Reward, Repeat. Stay Winning.


Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


1.)How do you celebrate???

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