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Squad Goals 2.0 💯


These are the 5 essential friends you should have in your circle and on your Dream Team. They keep you balanced.

1. Your Bests/Lifelines- These are your very best friends. The people you couldn't imagine life without. It may be someone you've known since childhood or a favorite cousin but these are your true soulmates. The ones who love the ugly parts of you and still admire your beauty. The ones who won't bite their tongue when you're wrong or selfish or being difficult. Your lifelines inspire you to do better, be better and always make you feel better. These are the most important and consistent people on your dream team. They're literally your everything. (I'm getting sentimental just thinking about mine). I share 2 lifelines since we were 7 years old. They're more like heartbeats.

2. Your Squad- Yasss! Your squad is diverse altogether. It consists of a group of different people who come together and support one another. Your squad is that group you can chill with, share intellectual conversations with, turn up with, travel with, etc. It's your squad that you ride with and have thee best fun. Unforgettable memories. It's a party anytime my squad comes together. Our random fun is always the best. We do an annual fall trip/outing in addition to traveling, family bbq's, birthday celebrations, etc. We always have a blast and its just refreshing to share drama-free gatherings with friends. I love the diversity and complexity of my squad. We're so different yet work so well.

3. Your Pro's- Sometimes in life you just have different folks for different strokes. As different as your professional life may be from your squad or your bests, you absolutely need your pro's. Pro's are designated individuals who share similar professional goals with you. Your pro's are always down to network, come up with new ideas, talk business, and ultimately, make more money and do lots of good in the world. These are the people who you just connect with on that level. You can call your pro's when you find a cool event on Eventbrite or stumble upon an upcoming conference. You can call your pro's when you're ready to leave your job and step into something greater. Your pro's know the in's and out's of working and grinding and they hold value to their experiences. Your pro's may even be your mentor. The one who has been where you're trying to go. My pro's are so bomb. They keep me grounded on the work I do and why I started in the first place. They are also the best after work happy hourers (is that a word LOL) I've ever met.

4. Your Bro's- Boys just sometimes get it. Your bro's or bro is that male friend who is going to give it to you straight no chaser. He brings a different, male perspective to your life. He's cool, laid back and always going with the flow. He'll have your back if anyone disrespects you or your character and he's always gonna dish the tea on your dating life and why guys are wired the way they are. Your bro's, if real, are long lasting friendships that resemble those dope relationships you would have with a cousin or older brother. Make sure your boundaries exist and I guarantee you'll grow to appreciate this relationship forever. My bro's are amazing. I love those guys.

5. Your Babes- Babes are just genuine chicas who you magically connect with. It can be that one coworker you gel with or even your hair stylist. Babes just like you, respect you and are easy to talk to and quick to listen. They give you good advice and don't mind telling your their opinion. Y'all might not hang out all the time but you know a lunch date is always on the table. Babes are fun and although there might not be a long term investment, there will be be some short term gratification that makes your heart warm right when its needed. These are the relationships that make sense without you even realizing they do. My babes always know how to get a good laugh out of me.

These power players are essential to your Dream Team and each serve a glorious purpose in uplifting, supporting, correcting and challenging you to be your best you. How's your squad looking?

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


1.)What other types of friends do you need/have on your Dream Team?

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