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Smile101 😄

And so she smiled.

Smile 101 was actually inspired from a meme that circulated the internet. The meme was of a white guy smirking at someone. Just imagine yourself getting off of an elevator passing a 40 something white male, wearing khakis. No words are spoken but that one "smirk" says it all. Its a gentle hello or at least hey I see you. The smirk is harmless yet polite.

In the black community, I rarely ever see the smirk. I see solace faces, grimmed or upset. What's the problem though? Why aren't we smirking and smiling and speaking. What's so wrong with speaking to one another.

I'll never forget the culture shock I experienced living in the South. The Southern Hospitality was mad real. Women, men, children- they all spoke or at least smirked to acknowledge your existence. We've got to do better. This is my challenge to you. Simply Smile. Try smiling throughout the entire day for an entire week. Make it intentional, force it. Let's create a habit out of this. Speak to women, men, children, whoever just offer a smile. I was inspired once hearing an older lady downtown tell me that I had a beautiful smile. I wasn't even smiling so I immediately gave her the grandest smile I could muster up. She replied, "I knew you had it in you". Let's do better, be better. Let's Smile.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


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