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My Biggest Inspiration in 5 Qualities 👍🏾

These are not my kids. I repeat, these are not my kids. LOL!!! I don't know them at all but I do know that they're my biggest inspiration. This is a quick yet simple post of the joy I felt today watching the babies head out to school. Those tiny backpacks, nicely tucked polo shirts, hard pressed khakis and gigantic smiles. I just love them. Kuddos to all the parents who have prepared and worked hard to get the babies ready for this new chapter.

1. Innocence- its amazing . It's that inevitable reassurance that life is good and nothing is as serious as us, grown ups, make it. They're innocent because they're inexperienced and immature but its so great. It's a blessing to just be.

2. Brilliance- being wise comes at no surprise. Kids are geniuses. They use all of their "kid magic" to come up with ideas, projects, new trends and fads that are jaw dropping. Leave a child alone and watch their imagination soar! They come up with innovative things and analyze the world in lamest terms. We would be more than fortunate to be able to possess that brilliance in this complex world us adults have taken on. I'm here for their ideas, they're really good.

3. Curiosity- Inquisitive minds wanna know. They don't waste a single moment wondering or being afraid of asking questions. They wholeheartedly want an explanation for EVERYTHING. Why is the sky blue? Because God made it blue. Why didn't he make it Purple? No question is a stupid question right?

4. Compassion-the ability to care. When life isn't all about pride and tough skin, theres this deep rooted phenomena called compassion. Kids get it. They just seem to care. They wipe your tears away, never ever want you to be sad and scare easily. They care about people, all people, and animals and things (maybe not broken toys) but other things. Compassionate about the world around us. I mean hello!, these qualities are impressive right!?

5. Fearlessness- Without inhibition, the courage to leap. Kids have no barriers. They jump off of magical cliffs, climb rocky mountains, dive deep blue seas and do all of the stuff we second guess or talk them out of. Their innocent curiosity helps build the foundation of courage. If we spent half the time tackling our fears and trying life the way kids do, we'd all be WINNING! They're simply amazing.

Let's continue to foster and empower our magical thinkers. Let's continue to listen and be present in their lives. Let us pray as they set out each day with their "kid magic" and step into dangerous worldly things that us fleshly adults have created for them. Let's interceed on their behalf and lift our babies up. They're truly our future and if you haven't realized by now, we're (ADULTS- yes us) the only thing that sometimes get in their way. They are certainly my biggest inspiration! Kids, teens, youth, my nephews...they're all my inspirations and I vow to listen, to be present and to empower.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


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