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Your First Love❤️

A first love always occupies a special place.

-Lee Konitz

Nope not that kinda love. Not your 5th grade crush, high school homie or college bound for marriage type of 1st love. The first love that gave you butterflies that have never departed from your soul. The first time you truly did something and fell into pure bliss. The love that you may often neglect but never ever disconnect from. What would that happen to be?

As we step into November and almost a new year it is time that we get back to our first loves. Maybe it's that idea you've been harboring in your head or the one that you've already drawn up a proposal for. Maybe its dance or an instrument or some other great talent. Maybe it's being a mom or wife or sister. Whatever it is that you truly love, its time to Level Up! It's time to do more, be more and give more. Time to dedicate more intentional time making magic. Time to date your love and be in love.

Writing was the first thing I've ever truly loved. It's my escape, its my peace. It's my voice. It's where I can be creative, crazy, scholarly and fearlessly wear the many faces of, Me. It's where I can be prideful or in pain. It has always been my secret place. The shaded area under a tree . It's been there when absolutely no one else has and it has reminded me of some of the greatest adventures I've ever shared.

The bond we share is strong. It's a constant pull like a magnet. I sometimes become bored, lazy, stagnant with it but it is unconditionally there for me. It's the love that I can cuddle with, cry with, laugh with, smile with, or be angry with. It knows the real me and the stroke of my pen or keys are what binds us. The thoughts in my head are just that, in my head. Once they hit that surface its like the deepest, strongest, hug I've ever had. It's orgasmic. OK am I going too far? Nope not even, writing to me is what dance is to a ballerina, or painting to an artist. It's a drive, its a force, its a connection. It's love.

I have abandoned that love time and time again. I have walked out on it, dismissed its call, even felt bothered by the mere thought. Those were phases in my life and I can't say they won't return. The DreamBuilding movement I've created is the challenge for you to fall back in love, or time for you to discover your 1st love. It's a movement to make the butterflies flutter . Flutter , flutter baby. Let's fall into the winter and New Year, doing those things that make our lives rich and our hearts richer. Wondering what your next steps need to be? No worries, stay tuned and I'll outline all of that for you.


Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


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