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How to Dream Aloud on Turkey Day🍗

3 Ways to Slay Turkey Day by being a True GirlBoss

Use this time of thanksgiving and time with family to dream aloud. As I dropped my granny off at the airport this past weekend (headed to Vegas for the Holidays) she gently asked me about 8StorySocial. Are you still doing that? Trying to be modest, I was like of course and basically took the conversation in a different direction. That 30 minute car ride was my chance to boss up on granny and be the Chief Dream Engineer that I am. It was time for to tell all about this entrepreneurial journey I've embarked on. It was time to talk about my exciting upcoming goals. But I didn't. I failed. I said "of course" and moved on to other frivolous things. Why? because us Womeprenuers, Young Professionals, GirlBosses, we just simply don't give ourselves enough credit. We don't take time to brag about how great we are. It's awesome that we want to be noticed for our hard work and not have to tell about it but listen honey, WE'VE GOT TO TALK. We've got to share with those who wouldn't necessarily be our audience, a piece of our hearts. We have to continuously pitch ourselves and our brands. We just have to. It's all about discipline. So this upcoming Turkey Day, here are 3 ways to absolutely slay your day.

1. Create the Atmosphere- Don't just sit down at the dinner table and start talking about yourself 💁🏽. Like seriously I'm not gonna sit down and say oh let me tell you about 8StorySocial or about my blog. That's too straightforward. You have to create that safe space. Try having table talk with different conversation starters. Talk about personal goals and then boom slip your boss goals in there. I can't wait to talk about a huge project I'm working on. I'm just ready to share and I"m ready for my family to take a deeper dive into my dream life. They know everything else but some of my greatest heart beats. Create the Space and dive.

2.Big Up Your Expertise- Don't be modest. I get it, you don't wanna be extra on Turkey Day. The holidays can just overall be extra. People are extra. It's the perfect time for you to enrich the lives of others. If you have a physical product, represent it, wear it, get them interested. If you offer a service, talk about it. Implement components of it. Just think, this is your area, you're the master. You're the chief. You need to own it girlfriend. Make bigger supporters out of those dear to your heart. Yes I completely understand, those aren't your clients and you feel like you shouldn't have to sell your soul to those you love. Well newsflash!!!! Your non client family members and friends can be your biggest supporters only if they knew how. I have an aunt in Vegas who will rep so hard for me and be the walking billboard for my brand. She's just a rider. She talks about me all the time. It's great to be able to start leveraging clients all over through word of mouth. Take Turkey Day as an opportunity to really express in a clear and concise way what it is you do and why. Help people to have clear lines. Big up yourself girl. You've created the atmosphere to do so. Go for it.

3. Listen- Sounds so simple right. After a great day of food, football and family and even after goal bossing and telling about your brand, your product, your dream, you have to be present. Listening is critical to slaying this day. Listen to others. Listen to their dreams, their goals, even their bright ideas on how to collaborate with you. Listen when someone is speaking in between the lines. Catch on to the indirect hints of "put me on". It's imperative that as you continue to build your dream, you don't forget to help those you love. Listen as others talk about their goals and then capitalize. When I say capitalize, I mean be supportive. Take the following week to do some follow up. Call your cousin who mentioned she was going back to school. Ask her a little more about it. Email your aunt who was having problems at work, ask did anything change. Be present, listen, follow up. These things will not only help you slay the day but they'll help you with your own boss goals. I know you're like I don't have time to add another task to my plate, trust me, neither do I. It's the small things in life that create space for the monumental things. You have to give to get. Everything is discipline centered. The more you grow the more you know. Listen.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


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