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4 Things to Schedule before 2017🖥

Please don't put up your 2016 planners just yet. There are 4 more things you should take care of to be dream ready for next year.

1. Schedule reflection time. Reflect on everything you've accomplished in 2016. Reflect on all the goals you met and then on some that you didn't get a chance to accomplish. You deserve to celebrate yourself and your success, no matter how small or big. Each year I indulge in vision boarding but journaling is another way I do my yearly reflection. Schedule some time to reflect on where you've been and where you currently are. How can you truly live the life of your dreams?

2. Schedule planning time with yourself- Set aside some time to clear your mind and just plan, plan, plan. Grab your 2017 planner, a stack of notecards, your favorite highlighters or colored pens and a safe space. Use this time to plan everything you want to achieve in 2017. Use your notecards to categorize different ideas. Create some goals with dates. When I say schedule this time with yourself, I mean look in your phone calendar, create an event and be prepared to sit down and do this. I already scheduled my date(s) during my 2week vacation. I'm super excited.

3. Schedule a strategy call or consultation- Now that you've planned ahead, take some time to discuss it all with one of your fav biz gurus. Schedule some time to chat with your mentor or someone who will be honest and real about your upcoming plan. I have 3 set up for next week and I'm looking for 3 fresh perspectives. If you've never had a strategy call with a brand strategist or consultant, hit your girl up for DreamBuilding 101 (via or check out some other phenomenal women in business. It's all about preference but I guarantee this will ignite your move into 2017.

4. Schedule a spa day. So this scheduling is imperative. Plan to relax and release all of 2016's frustration away. Schedule yourself a spa day with a relaxing massage, mani/pedi or facial. As you prepare to move forward living a life of your dreams, being a girlboss, working on your passion projects or just trying something new, you're gonna need to renew your mind. You have to be your best self to be your best self. In the midst of these final weeks of December try and squeeze in some me time. Give that gift back to yourself. My massage and consultation are scheduled for the same day. I plan to relax and then dig deep.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


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