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Embrace Your Growth 🌷

So you’ve looked back at 2016 and you’ve accessed your challenges, your triumphs and your What’s Next. Maybe your dream has shifted a bit. Maybe you’re ready to start something new, something fresh. Nothing is wrong with you girly. Trust me, I’ve been there thousands of times wondering, why is my mind shifting? It’s simply called growth. We grow and that's the best part about life, business, love, entrepreneurship, etc. Check out these 3 Ways to Embrace The Growth You Feel:

1. Write It Down. It feels awkward. Your mind may be all over the place. You may feel if you’re losing focus. Don’t worry, we’re all on a journey here. Growth is sometimes hard but one great tip that works for me is to simply write it down. So as I sit here in 2017 (Happy New Year Lovies), I stare at my growing pains from January of last year. I was on a slightly different wavelength. I wanted different things in my life. Having the ability to look back at where I was only puts in perspective where I am going. Write down the weirdness, it’ll help later. Trust Me.

2. Research. Let’s dive: So say you were making jewelry last year and you were doing quite well. Your business was popping but lately you’ve been less intrigued by your handmade crafts and have grown a passion for making beautiful handbags. You want to stick to what you know and you allow fear to creep in about leveling up. Well, Stuff happens. I encourage you to do your research. Take some time to explore your competition or to even be inspired by what others are doing. This will help you navigate your own creativity. Maybe you’re thinking about changing jobs or careers. Do your research and find out more about this next step. You wanna try becoming a vegan, or owning a pet, or planning your wedding….these all require RESEARCH. Take lots of notes but most importantly, if you can have some real and honest conversations, try to have them. This will help so much.

3. Talk About It. Speaking of real and honest conversations, talking about where you currently are in your life will help you speak your new new into existence. We spend so much time bottling up our thoughts, our emotions and our dreams. To truly live the life of your dreams you have to find people to share them with. You have to talk about what your plans are even if it’s just to drive yourself out of doubt and worry. Talk about it with someone you trust and someone who will be honest with you. I love a honest supporter. Someone who will listen attentively and then tell me raw and true opinions and no matter what I do with that, they’re still in my corner. If you don’t have anyone to listen then we need to build your dream team. Reach out and lead you in the right direction.

Dream Bigger my dear.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


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