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Tea & Triumph☕️

On this episode of Tea & Triumph I got an amazing opportunity to catch up with a super dope consultant helping others pave a way into the health industry. This Health Care Creative is ready to share her spills and thrills with us today. I present to you the dynamic Jeteia Benson.

Me: Hi Jeteia & Welcome!!!! Thanks for deciding to stop through Because Dreams Win! I'm so excited to chat with you.

Jeteia: Hey Kiylise, Thanks so much for having me.

Me: I’ll jump right in! Tell us a little bit about who you are. What do you do?

Jeteia: Sure, I’m Jeteia (pronounced Ja Tia) and I’m a God loving, trap music listening, knowledge seeking woman that took the scenic route into healthcare. I became a Nurse about 8 years ago and a Nurse Practitioner almost 3 years ago. I’ve recently ventured off in the world of entrepreneurship and I literally hit the ground running. I will soon be opening a home care agency True Calling Healthcare & Training, LLC. here in Columbus, Ohio, I have a health careers consulting business, and I am launching a health careers network called Savvi Society, Ltd. among other things. I am very friendly, love making new connections, and love laughing and having private dance parties in the shower, lol.

Me: Yessss girl, you better come through with that bio LOL. That’s really awesome that you have so much going on in your career field. Thats how dreams should be lived. I highlighted that you became, will be opening and launching. That's magic wrapped in a pretty bow! I love that your network is called Savvi Society and I can already tell that you’re super passionate about it. Speaking of passions, Jeteia, what are you most passionate about?

Jeteia: I am most passionate about helping others acquire the knowledge they need to get to the level they want, a level of success as determined by the individual.

Me: Same here, I truly believe that others have to be equipped with the right tools in order to create and live their dream life. Dream living is very complex and layered and usually requires a lot of trial and error. What has been a huge triumph in your life? Your winning glory!

Jeteia: I’ve had a lot of triumphs but I would say my winning glory is writing and self publishing my book is something I am extremely proud of. The book is titled Couch to Career: Becoming a Nurse and its for anyone contemplating getting into nursing. It can be used as a guide for those who have no idea what their next step should be or the student that is already in nursing school.

Me: I absolutely applaud your self publishing success! That’s so dope that you get to help others dive into the health industry. It’s such a huge win to share your expertise with others and help them explore their own destiny. Also its so out of the box. I’ve never had a book to reference for my students who are interested in the health industry. That’s indeed a major win sis! I know the glory didn’t come easy, time to spill the tea. What’s one lesson or mistake you’ve encountered along this journey?

Jeteia: Mistake I've made, hmmmm let me think. Honestly, I see every mistake as a lesson so I can think about them from an objective standpoint. I would say one mistake/failure that happened to me was I did not take enough time to study for boards, I did a bit here and there and thought I would be ready so I sat for them and FAILED! I was devastated because I had never failed anything in my life and that whipped my tail right into shape. I made studying my priority and a month later I passed and became a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner!

Me: I always say that you have to have MJ(Michael Jordan) syndrome if you wanna get the ring. Even the greatest got in the gym and practiced. I’m glad that you let us in on something that once was failure for you. Something as serious as studying and putting that time in to help you achieve your dream. Failure always has a flip side. You could of let it own you but you didn't and that my dear is the ultimate tea to triumph story. Just one month later and you leveled up, passed the test and learned from your mistakes. This is the transparency I’m talking about! We weren't with you shooting in the gym but Jeteia certainly got in there and shot her shot. Yessss! After all of that what would be your motto for 2017?

Jeteia: My 2017 motto is aim high and grind until you get it! GET RID of anyone in your circle that doesn’t want more. Simple.

Me: I agree. Simple. Shoot, Soar, Shake. Shake those that aren’t advancing with you. The rest you got it. It’s so much stuff packed into this simplicity. Ok, ok, now for the personals. What are some of your current favs: tv shows, books, drinks, beauty products, etc? Let us in!

Jeteia: My current favorite tv shows are Greenleaf, This is Us, Haves and Have Nots, fav book I've read this year was How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell, drink is Caramel Iced Cappuccino from Tim Hortons, beauty products, I am all about bath bombs, I LOVE everything from Lush, and mascara lol, my fave is YSL Shocking Lash.

Me: I gotta get take a month off to catch up on all these shows, I promise you I do. Thanks so much Jeteia for dropping by and spilling your tea and triumph with us. Your transparency has surely helped and inspired someone. We appreciate your hustle and love that you’re using your gift to help others. Where we can find you in this social media world?

Jeteia: You can visit my site if you are interested/already in healthcare at

Instagram & Twitter @jeteiab

Facebook Savvi Society Ltd.

Snapchat (beware, Im crazy) @jskyisthelimit

Podcast (COMING SOON) Savvi Say’s (be on the lookout)

Thanks so much for having me Kiylise. This was awesome.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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