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On this episode of Tea & Triumph I got a chance to sit down with an amazing Retail Mogul who is going to take us along her journey of spills and thrills. Stay tuned as thee Ebony Swank candidly shares her Because Dreams Win story.

Me: Hi Ebony & Welcome to Tea & Triumph. I’m so excited to get to know a little more about you and your story.

Ebony: Hi Kiylise and thank you so much for this opportunity.

Me: I’ll jump right in. Let’s start with a little bit about who you are and what you do. Who is Ebony Swank?

Ebony: Well, I’m a Mom to two beautiful daughters, I’m a Mentor, Teacher, Manager and Leader. I conduct workshops, webinars, and conference calls. I’m a Retail Mogul and the founder and owner of my women’s retail store where I am hands-on in all aspects.

Me: Yasss Mogul!!! You betta!!! So I absolutely love that you are still hands-on in all aspects. That’s a true sign of leadership, sticking with your vision. Tell us a little more about how you juggle all that you do.

Ebony: Yeah so I manage two locations of Swank-A-Posh, I manage a team of aspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs. I work as the creative director where I do the styling. I work on the sales floor where I talk to and get to know my customer and their changes. I also work on my online store where I assist my team with shipping, packing, and customer service.

Me: Swank-A-Posh, “the corner store for fly girls”, right? I absolutely admire your leadership in the midst of everything- motherhood, entrepreneurship, life… yet you still manage to style and work on the floor and teach others how to level up. That's dope. Speaking of dope and being committed, what’s one thing you’re super passionate about?

Ebony: The process. I enjoy seeing my ideas executed and the process of getting to the results is what I am most passionate about. I just love creating and getting to the results.

Me: Same here. I’m here for the journey and everything it entails. I’ve been on quite a few journeys and this platform and opportunity is something I’m most proud of. What's a huge triumph in your life?- What are you most proud of?

Ebony: I’m not done yet but I am most proud of when I see the fruits of my labor. Sometimes I reflect and think “wow, I did this all by myself.” That’s what makes me the most proud.

Me: That's a great feeling. I like to think of it as destiny manifested. With great success comes trials. Tell us about one mistake you've learned from or something totally embarrassing that has happened to you? Spill the tea.

Ebony: So sometimes I delegate work too fast and too soon. I’m not the best at hiring and quite often I find that I trust too soon and delegate too soon and that was not the right person to give those tasks too.. It has been a journey.

Me: Thanks for your transparency. It takes a strong person to spill the tea and admit that things aren’t always 100. We’re all human and we all have faults. I’ve learned from the opposite and not knowing when to delegate thus becoming overwhelmed. It’s always a process. What is your 2017 motto or words of advice?

Ebony: Stop thinking small. If you want to be in the business you can not worry about others and smaller competitors. You need to think on a large scale and pull your inspiration from there.

Me: Dream Big or Go Home! LOL So now on to the fun stuff. Let’s get to know more about Ebony. What’s your fav tv show/book/drink/and beauty product. This is probably one of my favorite questions because I swear I have started watching so many great shows. Yall so bomb!

Ebony: Yess I love so many things but currently my fav tv show is Underground, fav book-The Glitter Plan, fav drink- 1738, and fav beauty product- a custom lipgloss gifted from my makeup artist, I don’t know the name of it but I never leave home without it.

Me: See I still haven’t caught up on Underground but its definitely on my list. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your Tea & Triumph with us all. I’m absolutely positive that you’ve left us with some great lessons.I celebrate your difficult times with trust and your hands-on approach to business. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about the Retail Mogul who is Ebony Swank. Thanks.

Ebony: Yes this was great, thank you.

Me: Find Ebony and Swank-A-Posh at Swank- A-Posh





Ebony Swank



Southfield Location: 25070 Southfield Road Southfield, MI 48075 (248) 557-5800

Eastpointe Location: 14903 E 8 Mile Road Eastpointe, MI 48021 (586) 772-7926

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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