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#PassionChallenge 💟

DreamBuilding Remix

The #PassionChallenge celebrates the passions of phenomenal women and how they infuse their current passions into everyday living. I've been fortunate enough to sit down and get all the tea🍵 from a vast array of creatives. This one just happens to be myself! Guess what Dreamers, it was such a joy to remix this post! Every check mark holds major significance in my passion fulfilled life!!!

Meet Kiylise...

What are 2-3 things you currently obsess over?

I absolutely currently obsess over my entrepreneurial journey. I have committed myself to weekly professional development. I just feel that the investment is so worth it. You can always catch me tuning in to a bizscope (periscope), webinar, business call, google hangout, meeting, networking event or seminar. I'm such a student. I'm also obsessing over personal development travel: ✔️ I have a entrepreneurial conference coming up in Pittsburgh (Hustle Her Way) and an awesome retreat in December.

I also obsess over providing the students I serve with unforgettable opportunities and expose them to things they wouldn't normally have an opportunity to experience. ✔️This summer you can catch me kayaking⛵️ and hosting a pop up shop 💸 with 25 amazing young people amongst other activities. Those things make my life rich.

So tell us some fabulous things you currently dream about?

I currently dream about a huge event I've began working on with some dope women. I just keep seeing the vision and its success play over and over in my mind. I also dream about my future backyard project ✔️(done son). I absolutely can't wait to build my own sanctuary with animals. You know I'm such an outdoorsy girl...catch me retiring on my dream farm in the future.

How do you think you channel you inner creative?

I channel my inner creative by:

1) Animation & Family Movies: I'm a big kid. I love comic book heroes, cheesy teen shows and of course animated movies. I'm still crushing over Zootopia😍 and ✔️The Secret Life of Pets

2) Lists, Planners & Big Ideas. I have millions of brilliant ideas and I might draw, paint, doodle or sketch them, just depends on what daydream I'm currently stuck in.

What's something new that you're just dying to try?

This may sound weird but I'm a bit of a thrill-seeker so every vacation I take, I hit the pavement ready to explore. Then I leave vacation needing a vacation. I'm dying to take a relaxing, no plans, just chill, vacation. I think I deserve it ✔️ (ready to chill out in Sleeping Bear).

Where's one place you go to be inspired?

I'm a nature freak. I love animals and wildlife. One place that gives me inspiration is the creek. I get to gaggle watch, feed the ducks, see an occasional muskrat and spot gorgeous cranes. ✔️ New spot alert* found a new nature trail.It's an ecosystem of beauty and peace and something so inspiring. I marvel at creation.

If money was no object what's something you would totally try out right now or in the future?

If money was no object I would of course travel this amazing world but I would love to expose kids and youth to the world as well. I would love to launch a free TravelExperience for young people✔️(did that,Toronto was bomb). It's such a joy to watch young people soar.

What's one thing we can expect to see from you within the next year?

Within the next year I really want to empower women to live the life of their dreams. That project I'm working on will launch amongst some other passion projects. I'm also looking to infuse some creative and innovative ideas into my youth programming ✔️(Summer Empowerment Academy with Hill Harper). Be on the lookout for some amazing things!!!

Until next time

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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