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Overcoming Passion Stressors😎

Because we all have a sexy wonder woman inside of us -KC

Living the life of your dreams most importantly stems from you accomplishing and doing the things you love. It is often a misconception that people who are passionate about their lives don't have any stressors. How Sway? and why do we think this. Maybe it's because of the pure joy and happiness pouring out of passionate people or maybe it's the transferrable energy that passionate people carry. Either way Wonder Woman eats, breathes, worries and gets stressed just like everyone else. Here are 3 Passion Stressors that often occur and 3 Tips on how to stay clear and focused.

1. OVERWHELM- A person walking in their passion, doing, being, representing and getting things done most often get to a phase of overwhelm. That feeling that consumes your existence at the core of your mental and physical sanity. When you become God's greatest multitasker and still feel as if time has slipped away. A great way to stay shy of this is to make and schedule intentional breaks and ME (you) time.

Whenever I feel myself feeling too heavy with work or projects I interject something that is totally ME centered. One of my favorites is hitting the trails with my bike or taking a quick trip to clear my mind. It's those moments that help you recenter.

2.SELF DOUBT- A passionate person who is truly making moves, changing lives and living their dreams are always bound to get the feeling of self-doubt. After doing all of this great good in the world, here comes that ugly and nasty self-doubt creeping in. Things do get stressful and because what you do feels so right, you naturally take a step back and begin doubting if any of it matters. It's crazy right. A doctor can save a life and once this stress barrier arises they'll start feeling like being a doctor may not be everything they thought. BANANAS!

Something that works for me whenever I'm feeling doubtful about my journey or passions is simply surrounding myself with love. You have to be filled to continue pouring from your cup. Surround yourself with people who genuinely care and believe in you. An amazing girls night always does the trick for me- 1. It helps me realize that I may not be alone and 2. it reassures me that I have wonderful people in my life also doing wonderful things which make us just a collective Bomb of Wonderfulness

3. PROGRESSION- After feeling overwhelmed and doubtful theres this gripe with Progression that happens. When I say progression I am solely talking about the feeling of you not thinking you are where you'd like to be. But guess what, you are not where you use to be- right! Progression comes in many forms. The feeling that you aren't doing enough or that comparison game that has you thinking you're behind the curve. These insecurities creep in from time to time.

One way I deal is just to remember why I began my journey in my passionate dream life. Recounting the original feeling and the need I choose to meet. I also think about the lives of others who may have this and that but could never have the pure joy and reward from the passionate life. We're human, our minds and feeling collide and get tricky but the first step to being and staying true is to recognize that these stressors occur. Finding various ways to cope with them is what keeps us all afloat and successful.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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