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3 Things to Be...🎀

Let's chat! Hey Dreamers! I'm going to share 3 things that have recently really made my DREAM life pop! I mean it's lit if I do say so!! I want to share my wins because as I build, I'm always looking to pull my homegirls with me!

We'll call this the B3 Challenge.

1. Be Bold- Boldness is really when you step outside of yourself and do the things you wouldn't normally do. Being bold is wearing that green lipstick, doing the big chop and of course telling it like it is. I recently was bold enough to squeeze into thee cutest romper ever. Yall know I have big athlete legs and I'm really not into wearing shorts but I said WTF, tried on the romper and literally kissed the mirror at how good I looked in it. I now challenge you to be bold and do something unfamiliar. Call someone you miss, try a new dish, wear that new push up bra. Whatever you have to do, just do it and do it boldly.

2. Be Fearless. We all allow fear to creep up on us and play us as usual. If you've ever observed the fearlessness that children possess you'll realize how tainted we've become as adults. I just recently created a product I've been dreaming about for awhile. I decided that it was time to either fail or succeed but definitely to stop being afraid. Can you guess where I currently am in that trial. I am doing exactly what I envisioned. I challenge you to be fearless and really assess what is holding you back. Just damn try it!!! Apply for that job even if you aren't qualified. Ask someone out on a date. Go somewhere alone. Do something or anything without fear.

3. Be Courageous. Courage is all about bravery. I challenge you to be brave and open to listening to the opinions and advice of someone you trust. I decided to be courageous and allow someone to pour a few gems into my life. It took courage for me to do this, not because I don't value this person and their voice but because I don't ever want to be a burden to anyone. I challenge you to be courageous and ask for something! Closed mouths don't get fed right? Ask a friend for advice or a mentor for their opinion, whatever it is, be brave and receptive.

I challenge you to do the extra-ordinary and BE! It's up to you! Let's win together so that we can all share our stories.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

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