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Hey Dreamers! So by now you know the movie Girl's Trip was bomb!!! If you haven't seen it yet, please do! I am officially launching this brand new and highly strategic challenge for all of my "girls" out there. We have to do better so I'm setting the bar and asking you to join. I present to you the #GirlTalkChallenge. Since I am so huge on planning I want to encourage all of you to be disciplined in planning your very own Girl Talk Gathering. It has to be a commitment you make and something that you absolutely want to do with your gal pals. The most important component is to spend time simply talking with yo girls!!!

Take the Challenge!!

1. Find Your Favs- Identify your favorites and let them chicks know! I mean old school pick up the phone and say Hey Chica!!! I wanna hang and I'm not taking NO for an answer! Convince your fav gal pal(s) to take a much needed night out on the town with you. I was beyond impressed at the numerous groups of women out to see the movie "Girls Trip" but also reminded how that pic is never a reality on a regular weekend. Ladies! Are we spending enough time with our girls? What's up!

2. Plan Something Epic. While the movie was beyond amazing and thee perfect Girl's Date, there are so many other things you can do. I love my besties so much that we literally could sit in a car, in the driveway of the crib for hours and be content. It's not the action, its truly the love. The love we so often deprive ourselves of. We spend way too much time being EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY and we continue to pour all of ourselves until we're dead ass tired. Since we all do it, there is nothing wrong with all getting together to pour back into one another. You get the well deserved hand clap for being a boss, a mom, a wife, a sister, and more now be a friend! Plan an epic date with your girls. Movies, Dinner and Drinks, Brunch, Painting, Comedy, Spa Days...whatever you're into. I personally like adventure so I'm the friend saying let's go hiking, horseback riding and zip lining and guess down ass friends are right there saying "OK". Plan It.

3. Plan to Let Go. Often times we get caught up in the relief of being out, ready to enjoy a great evening with the girls. We get all extra cute, throw on our favorite lippie and prepare to turn up and laugh. For this challenge, I'm really encouraging you to be strategic and intentional about making "TALK TIME". Don't get caught up in the fun and forget to pour out that baggage and let go of all that weight. This particular date is truly a "weight lifter". I remember hanging out with my two besties right after my Dad passed and what was suppose to be a relieving night out with the girls turned into a disastrous but funny night of dumping. One too many drinks and I was dumping everything I felt inside to some stranger at a bar. Oh and it wasn't in a nice way either. I'm seriously chuckling to myself as I write this. Just imagine me ready to hang and laugh but instead I get drunk and express my deepest feelings to whoever would listen. That definitely wasn't the point of the date with my girls. So make sure you make time to talk and share your feelings, your fears, your worries and your success. It's as simple as that.

I challenge you to indulge in Girl Talk, come back and share exactly why you needed that.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

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