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Can I Be Real?💁🏽

So peep...during my morning commute blasting the Martha Munizzi station on Pandora(my fav), the great Reverend, Bishop T.D. Jakes came on with an A-1, need it-in the moment sermon. I honestly don't listen to him that often but when I do, I always get a good word. After several revelations, I quickly turned to Facebook to update my status with a very trill gem that I picked up. 

"Some of y'all are so stressed because you don't have anyone you can be real with."- Bishop Jakes

Boom!, can I be real with yall for a minute? Now I'm not bragging on my relationship dynamics but I know so many people who create a world of problems for themselves. I'm super lucky, fortunate and grateful to be on the other end of things. I have thee absolute tightest circle where I can stay running my head-strong, alpha female,Virgo mouth. I don't sugar coat it and best believe it's straight with no chaser. I have real people who I can be real with.

When I say real, please be mindful that it's levels to this. Not that corny type of real with side hugs and fake smiles. I mean that real "What the hell are you wearing" real. That "girl its time to leave his wack ass" real. That "my life is falling a part and I don't know how to deal" real. You know that "I cant wait to be married and have a baby" real. Or what about that "I'm tired of all these tricks getting surgery on care credit" real. Yeah I went there. Levels. 

After my Jakes revelation I thought for a minute about what I would be like if I could never express myself to people who genuinely love and care about me. What if I could never tell a friend that I wanted to become a published author, or start a business, or try nude lipstick (I'm glad they keep it real with me because the way these lips are set up...). What if I never got an opportunity to call my bestie and ask if it's warm enough to wear sandals yet or cold enough to wear boots. What if I didn't have anyone to call and ask to slide a couple of dollars into my account until whenever. Or what if I lacked someone I could sit on the phone with for hours, aimlessly rambling. I can't and couldn't even imagine my life being that way. 

I absolutely see why y'all so uptight and stressed out. Y'all are walking around with bottled up emotions and tea to spill to no one. Y'all have so much going on in y'all heads that you can't even effectively place your thoughts where they need to be. 

I think one of the greatest life lessons that can be applied to multiple situations and circumstances is "Quality or Quantity". Girlllll, please find you at least 1 Quality friend that will love and accept you for you. All of your quirks, your bad habits, your lil bitchy(LOL insider) moods, all of it. Find you that person that's gonna keep you lifted in prayer, that will ride out for and with you and that one that will definitely be there for all of the good times and celebrations. To sum it up, its critical to your well-being that you "be real". 

Get you somebody. 

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming, 

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