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8 Epic F Bombs🎉

8 Epic "F" Bombs You Need to Drop to Host a Fab Event

1. Food. You love it, I love it, we love it. We all love to indulge in great food. Make sure you have a variety of items that will leave your guests talking. It's usually the most expensive but it's also the most anticipated. My 30th bday dinner party was pretty epic...the food was bomb (S/O to Chef Tony) and I still hear my guests raving over that salmon. Lay the food out proper.

2. Fun. Whether it's karaoke, a dance floor, or simply signing their name on something, have a fun element. Guests love to indulge in interactivity. They love to create things and stay busy. I'm super excited for the upcoming fun to take place at my retreat this fall. The ladies are in for a real treat during our Pink PJ Pamper Party.

3. Filters. Because what's a party without Snapchat!!!! Seriously this F goes for filters, photos, photographers and photobooths. The party didn't happen if there weren't any pics. Make sure you grab a custom Snapchat filter (super inexpensive) for your party. I love to go back and save all of my friends snaps and create a collage of the night through everyone else's lenses. If you have it in the budget, grab you a really dope photographer or photobooth. Those are always tons of fun and they give your guests something to do.

4. Freebies. Make sure you take the time to thank the beautiful people who support you. Freebies can be raffle prizes, candy and dessert tables, or free perks such as "open bars". You want to thank people for coming out and you absolutely want them to leave with something. Just wait until you see the book cookies I'm having made for my book release party. Get super creative with it.

5. Freedom. As you host this epic event please make sure you allot yourself the freedom to enjoy it. This is all about you. Don't get so wrapped up with hosting perfection that you forget to enjoy. Mix an mingle with your guest, enjoy the food and drinks, be present. If you have it in your budget, hire an Event Coordinator to run things for you the day of your event. My event coordinator for my bday party last year was so bomb (S/O to YaYa) that she just naturally fit into the party. Not only did she make everything run smoothly from dinner, to the bar, to dessert, but she also mingled with my friends and enjoyed herself. Have some freedom.

6. Flexibility. Be flexible and open. Things will change, people back out, cakes fall---sh*t happens. Make sure you're not super stressed about it and remember that the greater lies ahead. Did I mention how my cake slide from one end of my trunk to the other. It was still delicious but I was pissed. I'm telling you now to just prepare for something to occur.

7. Framily. No matter what event you plan or host, you have to make sure someone who roots for you is present. Friends and family (framily) are always down to ride for your success and to keep you sane during intense moments. Never would have made it without my riders.

8. Fierceness. Ok so peep, I know you're gonna be exhausted and ready to rock and roll and all that but listen closely....You're gonna have to SLAY. Carve out time to get a dope outfit or look together and please, please, please make sure your face is beat. You need to look like the grand event you put on. I have shown up to events outslaying (i made that up) the host and as bad as I feel about it because I know the struggle, I just SMH. Take time to look your best sis, you got this.

BOOM! I dropped a quick 8 for you. I use these religiously and they absolutely work wonders. I end up enjoying myself, looking my best and allowing my guest to love what I'm offering. I hope these 8 F Bombs will help you plan a fabulous event.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


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