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31 x 31 🎁

31 Things in 31 Years. Happy Birthday to Me! 9/21 #VirgoNation

1. Your 30's are dope. Who ever said life is over is crazy, in fact this is where it truly begins

2. Know your values!!!! What's a value in your life? Create and live it. I value living in a safe, neighborly environment, point blank period.

3. Date Yourself. Even the happiest of relationships deserve a break. Be ok with being ok with thy self.

4. Eat slowly, chew slowly. Food is a gift and truly an art form. Stop being so damn hungry where you need to gobble down your meal. Enjoy the moment.

5. Tell those you love, you love them. I don't do this enough but I strive to begin doing so. Life is short and you never know who needs to be reassured.

6. Celebrate all your wins. From the smallest to the biggest. Yayyyy you aced your exam all the way to Hell Yeah you got the job!!! Praise is due.

7. Try something new. Take a hike, try a new food. Did I ever mention my newly found crawfish obsession!

8. Do something kind for your Bae!!! Just be kind. It's easy to get caught up in routine but don't sleep on an opportunity to treat your king or queen!!!

9. Travel, travel, travel: the true definition is to experience something new!!! Take a walk in a different neighborhood or city, take a cruise, fly across the world and see what else is out there.

10. Shop Strategically. Build you a bomb ass wardrobe where you're always prepared. Pull those nude pumps out, that little black dress or dope leather jacket. Build your wardrobe with pieces that matter!!

11. Converse with Youth. My greatest accomplishment has been forming life changing relationships with young people and helping them succeed. Spend some time listening to their brilliance. Look past the generational gaps and truly see how creatively genius they are.

12. Binge watch. It's good for your soul. Find you a show, curl up and binge your heart out.

13. Find a hobby. What do you enjoy? Do it. Try it. Be it.

14. Be on Time. If you haven't mastered this yet, try harder sis. Keep a log of your success and try harder. Don't get caught up in just "being that way". You're not.

15. Be Honest. Say what you mean, mean what you say. With integrity and poise, anything can be said. What we biting tongues for????

16. Spend time with Friends. Friends are our first soul mates so make sure that life isn't so damn busy that you're not feeding your soul.

17. Own something. There is truly power in ownership. If you don't own something tangible, own your damn self worth and don't be the fool.

18. Read. Read a book, read an article, the news, anything. You do know that your brain is a muscle. You've got to work it out.

19. Guilty Pleasures are aight in moderation. That's why they're guilty. That glass of wine, shot of Patron, ratchet tv show...whatever it may be. Every now and then is aight.

20. Exercise. It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea but the ROI is sooooooo invigorating. Find one thing you enjoy and do it often. I'm a sucker for SPIN.

21. Create. Create the things that cease to exist. If you have a need for something that doesn't exist, boom it's up to you to create it.

22. Network & Meet New People. Your network is never ever big enough. It's ok to meet new people. They don't have to be your besties but you should always be expanding your network.

23. Be Spontaneous. Do something(s) out of the norm. I love random road trips or night adventures with friends.

24. Prayer & Meditation: spend time with God. These moments provide so much clarity to your being. Have a relationship.

25. Grow Up. Simply put. We all have those moments when you could literally shake out of it and just grow up. Being petty isn't always the best defense.

26. Command a room. Always, always, always, command a room when you walk in. Let you inner light shine outwardly. You never have to dim your light for others so walk boldly and be confident. Wear that crown.

27. Relax. I've learned that it's psychological as well as physical. Train your brain to relax, release some tension, drop your shoulders right now, loosen your grip, you'll feel amazing.

28. Plan a birthday party. It's a must have!! You may not be into the bday thing or excited about parties but don't waste your life not making your one special day ALL about you!

29. Take lots of pics. Memories are to be made, shared and remembered.

30. Be Humble. Be Empathetic. Treat others well. This is live by, die by info. Everyone has a story, treat them accordingly.

31. Be thankful, be loved and keep on pushing. Your effort is everything, your success is greater. I'm thankful for a new chapter. I've lost my only remaining parent this year. I've gained so much clarity and laser focus about life. Live and love graciously. Set some goals and slay them all. Happy Chapter 31 to me!

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


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