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5 GirlTime Must-Haves to Cap off 2017👑

Ok ladies now let's get in formation. Queen 🐝.

The Holiday Season always yields hustle, bustle and being overly busy. We have family time to prepare for, gifts and shopping and of course wrapping up work for the year. In any event, we are still human beings, glowing and doing and we still need our "GirlTime". Just a time to hang with your besties, laugh, joke, eat, drink good and just Be. We have to intentionally make time for it because hey after all, they're our true soul-mates. Here are 5 Ways to Do so.

1. Dinner Parties Dinner parties definitely don't have to be this huge thing that's super formal. I'm talking about get comfy, come over to the crib, have some tacos and tequila and truly just spend time with ya girls. If you'd like the more formal approach, I highly believe that putting on your cutest heels and lipstick warrants a fabulous meal at a nice restaurant.

2. Movie Dates. One of thee best parts of the Holiday season is of course the heart-felt Holiday movies. I'm such a sucker for Lifetime and Hallmark movies and yes I watch the cheesy, sappy ones. This is thee perfect time to round up your girls, grab some snacks, have some drinks and go laugh or cry at a Christmas movie. I'm currently planning our "Bad Mom's Christmas" date now. The last movie date we shared(Girl's Trip), afterwards landed us in a Tattoo Gallery at 1am. We'll see how this one goes.

3. Family Time. Since friends are truly your extended family members, be sure to schedule in some time to kick it. This means grabbing your very bests, their kids, husbands, siblings, etc and hanging out. Bonding is what we call it. There are so many Winter Activities available to partake in. There's always light festivals, tree lightings, iceskating, etc. My besties and I definitely put on some kicks and spent family time at a basketball game. Did I mention that we parked and walked to the Arena (in the rain). It's the memories that mean everything. I'm wondering if we'll have to truck it in the snow to this next game but we'll be in the building for The Pistons vs The Cavs. Family Time matters.

4. GNO. We all know how important "Girls Night Out" is to our core existence. It goes beyond dinners and hang outs. It consists of the few times out of the year that you truly decide that you're going to intentionally go out and party or have some fun. My organized crew tends to choose some yearly recurring event such as fundraisers like "Tux & Chucks" or "Bravo Bravo". These are things that we prepare for in advance and often come with an expensive ticket price. Before the year ends there are so many GNO opps available. We literally have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve Parties lined up and waiting. Get extra glammed up and go out for some much needed fun with your girls. I'm looking forward to the switch up this year. I'm already anticipating our fun.

5. Randomness. This has to be my absolute fav. While I tend to be big on planning and adding things to my calendar, this is just simply what it is. Random days or nights that end up being the most fun ever. These are the moments where you truly just live. You don't have real friends until you can sit in a car for hours or randomly pop up somewhere with a bottle. I'm just saying. Plan some random ish before the year ends. You and your girls deserve to have some unintentional laughs. My goofy tribe is good for this and it's truly one of my favs. It can never ever come at a better moment than it does. Be the Random curator and just pull up with some snacks, something funny to watch, anything!!! Thank me later.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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