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Getting Started with Vision Building for the New Year💫

Heyyyyy Dreamers! I want to help you get started with vision boarding, vision building and vision casting into 2018. If you don't know where to start or if you're seeking a guide that'll get you motivated, here are the 7 spectrums of the psychosocial wheel. These 7 spectrums are great starting points and if needed can definitely be added to or subtracted from. It's your vision, life and dream so build on. I hope these help as much as they've helped guide my squad. Our vision board parties get emotional so build on!!!

Financial: income, savings, investments, debt....these are a few of the things to consider when building out your financial goals

Physical: losing weight, gaining weight, working on your core, starting a new diet, going vegan, etc...what are your physical goals for 2018? how will you take care of your body?

Emotional: how are you caring for your heart? what relationships are you pursuing or letting go? what next steps are in order? marriage, babies, new relationships, old relationships, etc

Spiritual: prayer, yoga, meditation, new church home, servanthood, bible are you going to plan your spiritual well-being for 2018? what do you need to implement to stay fed spiritually?

Social: friendships, fun, fellowship...what are your goals for your social life in the new year? networking opportunities, new adventures, travel, self-care, etc

Educational: growth, learning, sharpening your will you invest in yourself to grow next year? new skill, new trade, mentorship, etc.

Career: promotion, industry change, leap of faith...what do you foresee in the new year for your career goals? what is it that you want?

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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