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New Year, New Self-Care Practices😑

So many of us already have self-care regimens but if you’re anything like me then many of them fell by the wayside near the end of 2017. As we begin a brand spanking new year, I am fully committing to revamping and updating my self-care regimens. I highly believe in taking my “me” time and going beyond mani’s and pedis (see previous post). Here are a few things that I have to get back to doing, like yesterday!!!

1. Mental- make sure your regimen includes something that supports your mental. You have to take care of your mind and your sanity. Somethings I absolutely love and plan to tighten up on for 2018 include:

  • Self-Dates: dinner or lunch for 1 please! A quick movie date or even just a stroll to the library. What better way to take care of your mind then to spend some alone time with yourself.

  • Staycations: It’s ok to take a day to just crash. My bf has truly taught me the importance of stillness and relaxation. I am all here for a day at home, alone, binge watching, reading or writing. It helps my mental tremendously. You have tomorrow to worry and figure things out. Decide to take care of you, today.

  • Spa Days: I think the more we invest in these the more they become like clockwork (regular massages and facials). Did I mention you can always catch me doing a quiet day date of sushi, cocktails and a relaxing massage with maybe a movie for 1 thrown in there. I'm planning something monthly right now.

2. Personal Style Update- this is imperative and not always budget efficient but so0000 worth it. To implement some new self-care in 2018, I highly recommend doing a total wardrobe purge. You can donate old pieces to the Salvation Army or Goodwill or sell them on Poshmark to make way for new things. I typically shop for pieces and fill the rest of my closet with things I like but I’m always gonna have staples like really nice coats, blazers, bags, boots, jeans, etc. This year I’m excited to get my entire life with “new” looks. Speaking of looks, I’m all about a hair flip or change every so often. I think I’m going to explore with color and new cuts this year. You don’t have to set milestone ages to do new things (I always hear people say when I get older I’ll xyz..). Why sis? Do it now. When you look better, you feel better and when you feel better, you look better. Switch it up.

3. Spiritual/Physical- my word for this year is strategy. There are so many dreams and goals we can create but if you don’t have a real strategy for implementation they sometimes become just dreams and goals. The last self-care practice for 2018 should include you focusing on your spiritual, physical or metaphysical rituals. This is what ultimately affects your energy levels and determines how you're truly gonna live, face adversity and level up in the year. I am indeed focused on joining a new women’s bible study, learning more about my chakras and creating more time to meditate and pray. Lunchtime yoga is something I’m truly excited to implement regularly. Life is going to continue to happen so knowing how to deal with it is definitely a way to care for your self. Why you fighting all these battles out here? What happened to being unbothered? Feed your soul.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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