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Affirmation Boards Don't Get Old💁🏽

You is smart, you is kind, you is important! You’re also beautiful, fearless, intriguing, amazing and more! We spend a lot of the later part of the year creating vision boards and making long goal lists for the new year. While this is an imperative practice for my own life, I’ve discovered that we create goal lists, get inspired and maybe set them to the side. I'm going to share another practice that I use year-round.

This year as I shared an intimate evening (until 4am) with my best friends, creating our vision boards and chatting it up, I thought about my board from 2014. It contained all quotes and affirmations and truly wasn’t a vision board at all. There weren't any pictures on it, just magazine cut outs of powerful sayings. As I sat to do this years vision board, I found myself doing the same thing with cutting out words such as queen, strong is beautiful, boss, happy, etc. Affirming words that make me feel good and can be a constant reminder of who I am and what I possess.

Two practices I use when creating my boards include

  1. Covering all the white space (that means filling my board corner to corner)

  2. Framing my finished masterpiece (mine currently hang in my beauty room bc they’re pretty)

No shade to anyone who uses huge poster boards but what has worked for me is 11x14 white boards and 11x14 sized frames. I don’t know where a huge lime green poster board would look good in my house so I‘ve opted for a more pleasing aesthetic.

To make your very own AFFIRMATION BOARD

Grab a gang of magazines


Glue sticks

Cut out your favorite sayings or words, anything that represents you and makes you feel like the ish!

Just like a vision board, create, frame, hang.

Make sure you can visually see your affirmation board and be reminded daily of the crown you wear and the power you possess. Toss those post-it notes to the side, clear your mirrors and go for this cleaner, personalized diy.

Do me a favor and shoot me a pic of your finished product to

I'll be sure to feature it on our social media pages!

You’re amazing.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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