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10 Strategies for Journal Junkies♥️


Are you an avid note-taker, list-maker, jot-downer!!!! Hello, my name is Kiylise and I'm a journal junkie!!! I am the Queen in notes!!!! I’m not complaining because my greatest ideas come straight out of my journals. Once my light bulb sparks, I immediately pull out a pen and notebook and give it my all. With all of those notes comes a hefty JOURNAL/NOTEBOOK collection(those are just a few listed above). Yes!!! I have tons of notebooks, journals, and notepads. They’re different sizes, colors, and styles but they all serve different purposes. Don’t you feel super organized when you have an idea an you dedicate a brand-new, pretty notebook or journal to it? I’m going to share 10 tips to be more efficient with your notebook collection. These have helped me tremendously.

1. Dump Journal. If you already have 10 plus journals, make sure you’re dedicating one of those to just Brainstorming! I have a dump journal that contains a little bit of everything. It allows me to write whatever inspiration I have in that moment. It also prevents me from dedicating an entire journal to an idea that may never manifest. Grab you a dump journal and put all of your ideas and creations into one place.

2. Visibility. Make them visible. So of course someone who has a journal for every damn thing often times forgets what journal is for what. This causes you to begin writing in other journals or getting off track. Something that has worked for me is simply making all of my journals visible. I have a beautiful shelf dedicated to my collection. This allows me to grab the one I need when I need it. It also brings an extra layer of inspiration to my home office.

3. Labels. Speaking of grabbing the one you need. Something that has really worked for me is labeling my journal. Simply taking a pen and writing on the inside cover what each journal is for. I have one for brainstorming, blog content ideas, passion projects, etc.

4. Reuse. If you’ve ever completed a project in a journal and only used the first 20 pages and then felt like oh well, I’m done with this journal, think twice!!! Ok first 20 pages are done, go back to the inside cover, label the next project and use the remaining pages. I have journals that have 5 pages of notes for one thing and 95 pages for another thing. Use them all.

5. Bookmarks. So once you get to using one journal for multiple things, be sure to use bookmarks to hold your place for notes. You can make your own and print them out or grab some really inexpensive ones at your local bookstore. These will definitely save you time when flipping to your most recent page of notes.

6. Collect. I am always buying new journals and receiving them as gifts. Something that works for me is storing all of my unused journals and not writing in them just because they’re new. I literally have about 10 brand new journals waiting for me. I love collecting them and using them right at the perfect time. It’s ok to save them for later.

7. Revisit. Revisit your notes often, especially your brainstorm journal. With so many books on hand, it’s easy to put one down and forget about it. Having them displayed visibly helps me out when I need to revisit some notes.

8. Back Them Up. Ok so I love writing then backing it all up on my Google Drive. Make sure your most important notes are typed and put away where you can assess them virtually anywhere. There’s no worse feeling than being somewhere wishing you had your journal with you. I now just go to Google drive on my phone and boom, notes are right there with me.

9. Project Specific. New Year, new project. Have you began planning your next project? If you need more help building that dream be sure to grab your copy of The DreamBuilding Diary (link). I challenge you to grab your newest journal and get started on your project. Begin everything with an outline. It’ll be your forever guide.

10. Keepsakes. Last but not least, save all our your used journals. They become keepsakes especially if you’re slaying goals up out of them. I already have a box full. Happy Writing.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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