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Breaking Down Business Boss Myths👌🏾

Hey Dreamer! Let’s bust down the door on some business boss myths. These are just a few questions that I’ve been asked about DreamBuilding. These are also some things that I once believed were true. Please note that these answers are my personal opinions and based off of my own experiences. I’m super interested to know how you feel so please feel free to shoot me an email with your own thoughts. I’m always available at

Myth: You can’t truly have multiple businesses or interests and execute them well?

This is sooooooooo false!!! I remember when I first began with 8StorySocial and I felt absolutely crazy for having all these others great ideas in my head. I felt like since they didn’t quite pertain to my Dream Life Agenda, then I probably shouldn't pursue them. I was literally leaving money on the table and ultimately pushing my passions to the side. The greatest thing I discovered was how to integrate the other 8 million things I love into my Dream. To dispel this myth I can say that creating multiple businesses, pursuing your passion projects and other interests does not mean you can’t execute your main business well. As I continually grow, I’m so happy to say that my exploration of other avenues are the very things that have grown 8StorySocial. Shoutout to The Dream (R)Retreat, Dining with Dreams, The DreamBuilding Diary and Academy!!!

Myth: Rebranding, Revamping, Re-doing is bad for business!

False!!!!! It is absolutely ok to figure things out along the way!!! If you’re human, you will continually grow and evolve. As you grow, the more you know, the more you learn and the better you are for your business. If you need to change a logo, rebrand a website or offer new services, then do so!!!! It doesn’t make you a failure, it actually solidifies your greatness in your dream. If I could only tell you where my business began. As I continue to grow, it continues to beautifully grow and that’s great for business.

Myth: You’re not a real entrepreneur if you have a 9-5!

Negative! Don’t forget this is based off of my real life opinion and experience. If you are blessed enough to marry your dream job with your business, then you are winning. My work with youth in my career is what has fueled my business. I have launched a coaching program based off of a need that was brought to me. I wrote The DreamBuilding Diary literally inspired by former students that I’ve had. While I work hard in both avenues, I still work. I’m not big on titles and names so if you don’t want to classify someone with a full-time job as an entrepreneur, then don’t. Who cares! Classify my income in my business and let that talk. You can be a business boss, business owner, dream life liver and still obtain a career. Just know that it’s extra special if they intertwine and the icing is truly on the cake if your job supports your dream. I’m blessed.

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer

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