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🔑Why GirlTime Is Absolutely Needed🔑


Millennials are very much needy. The need of the media, technological gadgets, instant gratification, social events, worldclass travel and an undeniable urge to respond to social injustices. That's just what it is. We're needy. We plan things, we heavily organize and we seek out opportunities. In addition to all of that, us girls also need simple conversation. Girltalk, girltime, girlmoments, girls101, whatever you want to label it, so be it. There's a high demand. Here are 4 critical points to why GirlTime is so desperately needed by millennials, check em out:

1. Support. We need the support of our sisters, our peers. We need to feel that we're in this thing (life) together. We were created to be together and in community. We absolutely need to support one another and to continually learn about what makes each one of us special. I have personally found a few designated groups who are committed to taking that time a few times out of the month to just simply hang. I call it GirlTime. They're amazing and supportive and oh so interesting. Get your monthly dosage of support.

2.Venting. So yeah there's always gonna be something you need to get off your chest. Maybe its about a new project at work, your finances, your guy, your weight, your hair, whatever. There is always gonna be something to talk about. You have to find your support group because they'll listen without judgement but correct you with love. It's imperative that millennials vent about this fast-paced, technological driven life. What's GirlTime without the venting. Spilling tea everywhere.🍵

3. Networking. Because 2 is always better than 1. In your twenties & thirties, networking becomes second nature. Not because you're looking for new friends (although you may) but because you know the importance of knowing people. Expanding your network is absolutely essential. Utilize GirlTime to do that. My small circle intentionally seeks out networking events and service opportunities so we can meet other like-minded millennials and eventually do something epic. Remember those needs I mentioned. That's one of them. The need to do something epic. GirlTime is a great excuse to get out and meet, meet, meet.

4. Magical Powers. Because we're a movement by ourselves but we're a force when we're together. I think the great Ne-Yo sung that, right? Well, we are. We are absolutely brilliant, bright, beautiful and beyond what any eye can see. We simply run the world and look good while doing it. When our magical powers ignite, this raging energy of positivity, inspiration, creativity and vision come alive. We leave feeling strong, refreshed and uplifted. I'm sure that magic dust leaves a trail on everyone and anything we touch. It's truly magical and definitely the magic we need to continue making our world better. We're the prescription to one another.

So don't for a second sleep on doing this thing alone. We weren't built for that. Whatever experiences you've had, throw them out and try again. Can girls be drama? Absolutely! but can they also be your voice of reasoning or a shoulder to cry on. Absolutely!!! Change your circle, change your lives. GirlTime is desperately needed. Get your magic girl!

Until next time,

Peace & Sweet Dreaming,

Kiylise Crutchfield, Chief Dream Engineer


1.)Are you indulging in regular girltime?

If you haven't quite found your tribe, feel free to call me, I'm always ready to connect.

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